Sport News: Definition of VAR in Football

Sport News: Definition of VAR in Football
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The definition of VAR in football is a video assistant referee. In practice, VAR often helps referees in making crucial decisions in a match.
The presence of VAR is expected to reduce controversy in decision making by referees. Like the original goal, VAR in football tries to minimize the mistakes of the referee.

As a judge, the referee also does not always give the right decision. Sometimes, viewing with a narrow angle becomes an obstacle to assessing a decision.
The function of VAR itself is to strengthen the enforcement of regulations in soccer matches (Laws of the Game) as much as possible. However, VAR serves as an assistant, the name is just 'Video Assistant Referee' so, all decisions remain with the referee.

Then, what are the uses of VAR? Here's the explanation.

VAR is designed to check live broadcasts or re-recordings of matches. If the referee does not clearly see an incident, then the referee immediately sees a slowed replay from various angles. Therefore, the referee is very helpful to give a fair decision (fair play).
Then, there are several VAR situations required by the referee, such as the process of the occurrence of a goal being considered invalid. For example, the position of a player who has been offside before, or the ball is hit by the hand (handsball).


Then, to determine whether a violation occurs or not. This may be used when a player is fouled in the penalty area. Handsball will also be confirmed by VAR if it occurs in the forbidden box.
Also, VAR will be used if a player, or club does not accept the referee's decision that is considered wrong. Usually, the player who holds the role of captain is to communicate asking the referee to check the replay from VAR.

Is there a VAR device that regulates it or not? Obviously there is. There are several assistant referees on duty in the VAR control room, and in-room communications have been provided.
Usually, the referee will signal the players and staff on the pitch before checking the sideline replay. Then, the match official who is in charge of regulating VAR will give a replay with the best angle requested by the referee.

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Sport News: Definition of VAR in Football
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