Story Of Demon Slayer: Kyojuro Rengoku Death Important In Demon Slayer?

Story Of Demon Slayer: Kyojuro Rengoku Death Important In Demon Slayer?
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16 September 2022


Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku dies in Mugen Train. But how does this affect the story of Demon Slayer? Let's find the answer.

The death of Kyojuro Rengoku was shocking, but only to the anime viewers who saw the movie Demon Slayer Mugen Train. Kyojuro Rengoku was one of the nine most potent demon slayers. He was a beacon of justice and honor and stood up for the weak until his death.

The Demon Slayer Mugen Train shines a spotlight on Rengoku's personality and fighting abilities and ends with Rengoku's murder. It's an incredible moment for anyone who doesn't read manga, and it was jaw-dropping to see Kyojuro Rengoku die. It was a sad and shocking moment for me to see Rengoku die after he had been fighting Akaza, the Third Upper rank Six demon.

As with popular shonen anime, the series's storyline and stakes are changed by the death or sacrifice of an essential supporting character. Whitebeard in One Piece or Jiraiya from Naruto. Let's find out why Flame Hashira, a fan favorite, had to die.

Why did Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku have to die in Demon Slayer Mugen Train?

We must first understand Kyojuro Rengoku's nature to grasp the reasons fully. From an early age, he was a selfless, hardworking individual who never shied away from responsibility and was a fighter for justice.

He worked hard and learned the Fire Breathing Technique. This is a secret talent of the Rengoku clan. Kyojuro is strong, but in his head, he is a simple person with an unbreakable will.

Is Rengoku dead? Rengoku Kyojuro was killed in a fight with Akaza, Upper Moon Demon-3.

Hashers are the Demon Corps' most crucial members.Rengoku Death shows that Hashiras, despite their immense power, are not invincible. Rengoku's passing is a reminder of this fact, as Rengoku is one of the strongest Nashira.

Our main protagonist, Tanjiro, is with Rengoku in his final moments. Tanjiro is inspired and has deep admiration of the flame Nashira. He regards him as a mentor. This is crucial for the story, as Tanjiro might become the next Hahira.

Later on, Tanjiro uses the Dance of the Fire God. This rare style is based on the Sun Breathing Technique. Similar to Rengoku but speaking only in terms of the elements (i.e., Fire). This could be a tribute to Rengoku, the great Flame-style user.

Our main characters have also found support in difficult circumstances from Shinobu Kocho, Giyu Tomioka, and Hahira. Rengoku's passing serves as an inspiration for Tanjiro and his friends to work harder to overcome such circumstances on their own.

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The threat of Muzan Kibutsuji is looming over our main characters in the larger context. The Rengoku demon slayer's death sets the stage for Tanjiro's flashback moment to make a sacrifice if he is ever powerless.

Rengoku's death is necessary so Tanjiro, the protagonist, can continue his unwavering will to help the innocent and weak. Rengoku is impressed by Tanjiro's determination to make his sister a human again and eventually trusts him with his will.

What happens to the manga after Kyojuro Rengoku's death?

Rengoku is initially seen as a humorous character, with his dry humor and poker face. We can see the extent of his powers as we turn through the chapters. He defeats Enmu (lower rank one of the Twelve Kizuki), who is trying to steal the spiritual cores from the demon slayers.

Chapter 66, "Scattering Dawn," describes Rengoku's death. Kyojuro instructs Tanjiro that he will search his parents' house for old notes on Hinokami Kagura (Sun Breathing Style). Kyojuro also asks Tanjiro to tell his brother that he has dreams and that his father will take care of him. He acknowledges Nezuko's demon-slayer status and mentions her heroic efforts to save train passengers.

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