Study Abroad in New Zealand Overseas Education Consultants

Study Abroad in New Zealand Overseas Education Consultants
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22 December 2022

Are you someone looking to study in New Zealand and seeking consultants assistance online? Then this is the right place to be. We have made it essential to combine all the main points and provide the correct type of assistance as relevant.

Pro Tip: There are various SOP and LOR writers available online. Make sure to seek one of relevance after making thorough comparisons.

Documents required to get a student visa in New Zealand:

  • Two photographs of passport size
  • A valid passport
  • Documents for travel history
  • Study visa application form filled in
  • Receipt of your tuition fee
  • Bank statements
  • Letter of acceptance from the university in New Zealand you have applied to
  • Diplomas and certificate degrees of the academic transcripts secured so far
  • The complete medical examination report
  • Letters of work experience (as applicable)
  • Clearance certificate from the police
  • Scholarship certificate (as appropriate)

How to apply to a university/college in New Zealand?

When planning to apply to a university/college in New Zealand, you must start preparing for the same at least five to six months before admission. Do consider taking TOEFL exam coaching online or support from professionals as applicable to get going seamlessly. Also, universities have their criteria for scholarships, and as a student, you must prepare yourself for the same. If you are moving forward with an abroad study consultancy professional, cross-check the type of services they offer and whether all those are relevant.

Colleges and universities in New Zealand

As added support, here is a long list of colleges and universities in New Zealand:

  • The University of Auckland
  • Lincoln University
  • Open Polytechnic
  • Institute Liverpool SAE
  • Canterbury University
  • Waikato University
  • Media Design School

Subjects to choose from in New Zealand at the undergraduate level

  • Nursing: As an international student, if you look forward to travelling to the place and settling down permanently, then nursing can be a good option. As the same is tagged under the skilled migrant category, students always have the opportunity to study and stay in New Zealand for the rest of their lives.
  • Biology: New Zealand is the perfect place to study Biology, given its diverse natural environment, eco-friendly ethos and unique wildlife environment. When in the country, you get to choose between a degree in fisheries, conservation science or marine Biology, as applicable. Also, as a biology student, you get to spend the off time among the scenic beauties of nature.
  • Medicine: As a doctor, you can avail of six weeks of holiday allowance in a year in New Zealand. Also, the degree is quite respectable and recognised. In case you are confused about the universities to apply to. Consider Otago University or the University of Auckland for adequate degree certificates.
  • Business Studies: There are multiple business schools in New Zealand offering internationally renowned courses with great placements in the final year. Lifestyle, proximity to nearby locations and great climate are the other important factors that make New Zealand the top place for business studies.
  • Environmental Sciences: Similar to Biology, environmental science is popular among New Zealand students. Also, students are asked to complete their work placements in the final year. Which is a great way of gaining experience before graduation.

Subjects to choose from in New Zealand at the postgraduate level

  • Psychology: In New Zealand, you can always go for a master's degree and choose between the basics of psychotherapy, counselling and social work. It takes approximately two to three years to finish this degree.
  • Civil Engineering: There are plenty of working opportunities for students in New Zealand looking to complete their degree in the subject of concern. Wondering why? As not many applicants have been noticed in the premises so far.
  • Accounting: Accounting as a profession is in high demand when you are in New Zealand. This way, you can choose to settle down in the country even after completing your degree. Also, the country has to offer a generous settlement of post-study work visas, under which you can continue with the working part for the remaining three years.
  • Social Work: While a master's degree in social work from a top-notch university in New Zealand, you will be able to fast-pace your career graph in the best way possible. Also, landing a master’s degree will help you stand out from the rest as a social worker with a great focus on career goals.

So this is all you need to know when planning to study in New Zealand. But make sure to have your goals explicitly settled, and you will be in a better place for the rest of your life.

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