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29 August 2022

True Qi value: 595-60 Training Level: Innate Level 5 Strength: 5135 Agility: 5,141 Stamina: 5,178 Spirit: 5956 IQ: 141 Qualification: 97 (gold qualification 34, wood qualification 31, water qualification 23, fire qualification 17, soil qualification 22) Special qualification (dark qualification 4) Level 1 energy points: 153.7 billion.. Combat Skills: Full Level Suction Expert, Full Level Suction True Tips, Level 2 Suction Moon Divine Skill, Dacheng Five Birds Kill (Human Level Medium Grade).. Practice Skill: Innate Skill (Human Level Top Grade) Yangshen Skill (Human Level Bottom Grade) Wuxing Jue (Yellow Level Middle Grade) … … Look at it, Ye Tao slightly stupefied, this how to come out of a dark aptitude, eyes looked at Cher. Cher smiled and said, "Master, this dark aptitude is that the master absorbs the crystal nucleus of the copy space and promotes the aptitude, because the monsters in the copy belong to the dark system, and generally speaking, the magic, powers and so on of the dark series give people the first impression of" dark, cruel and cunning ", so all the creatures belonging to this kind can promote the master a little bit. Just more or less. Tao nodded clearly and immediately asked, "What kind of secret attack magic am I learning now?" "Yes." Cher nodded and said, "However,metal cosmetic tubes, because the master's dark aptitude is relatively low, there are two kinds of magic that can be learned now. One is the [intimidation] that makes people fear in their hearts. This intimidation belongs to the auxiliary department. To put it bluntly, it is a kind of illusion that makes people fall into boundless fear. It can be said that what he fears will appear in his eyes. However, Mental strength can be resisted. The other is the "Poison Blade" of the attack department. The attack skill of this department is mainly embodied in the poison. Ye Tao thought a little, "If I learn [poisonous blade], will my body be filled with toxins?" "This is inevitable, but there is no harm to the master's body, which the master can rest assured." Cher smiled. Hearing that there was no harm, Ye Tao immediately put his heart down and said,plastic packaging tube, "Then pass on both of these skills." "Good Master." Cher smiled slightly, then his little hand touched the void, and two white lights suddenly appeared between Ye Tao's forehead and melted in an instant. In these two messages, the knowledge contained is not much, Ye Tao very easily accepted to the mind, as for, that insignificant pain, he has ignored. Later, Ye Tao opened the "Gan Kun Bag" and saw a blue jade sword coming into view. The jade sword was glittering and translucent, emitting a faint green awn. On the body of the sword, there were patterns similar to water ripples. These patterns were abstruse and unusual, with a trace of primitive atmosphere, like some rules between heaven and earth, like some truths in the universe. Celestial Jade Sword: Yellow level medium level magic weapon. After inputting mana, it can be changed to large or small. It can be included in the Dantian. All attributes are added with 100 points. Earth element attack is increased by 300. Royal Sword Tips are required. Look, Ye Tao's mouth hung a wry smile, tube lip gloss ,empty lotion tubes, with his present cultivation, this sword he simply can not play its due power, at most can also hold a close attack. Everything still needs to wait until after the breakthrough. Ye Tao now understands that although some things look good, they can't exert their power, and they are simply blind. .。 The latest and fastest chapter, please visit [Qishu. Net] Reading is a kind of enjoyment. I suggest you collect it. Chapter 157 of the main text. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: 2012-3-21 19:37:05 Number of words in this chapter: 4814 Chapter 157 changes. Shaking his head, Ye Tao turned his hand to take out the jade sword and found that the size of the jade sword was equivalent to an ordinary dagger, small and exquisite. After dancing a few times at random, Ye Tao put the jade sword away and could only talk about it later. But he is also confident that this day is certainly not far away, with the energy he has now, if he does not care about the gains and losses of energy, within a year, it is bound to turn. Although think so, but Ye Tao certainly will not be so wasteful, after all, no one can say what will happen in the future, it is better to save a little energy now, in case there is a disaster, it is also good to have a preparation. Then, Ye Tao left the space, came to the villa in the training room, began to absorb the excess energy in the body, although so long did not see parents and sister, miss very much, but such a body back, it is asking for trouble. As time goes by, two months passed. In the past two months, Ye Tao's body shape has returned to normal, and his cultivation has completely stabilized at the strength of the innate five-layer peak. In order to avoid the entanglement of Duan Qingyan and some restless elements in the school, Ye Tao directly dropped out of school with Huang Rong. As for Ye Tao's meaning, Ye's parents naturally have no opinion. The only worry is that Ye Tao will become more and more lonely if he goes on for such a long time. However, after listening to the idea that Ye Tao plans to go back to China to go to school "in person", he is completely relieved. At this moment, 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, when Yin and Yang alternate, the moon hangs high in the air, and the moonlight like water is nowhere to be seen. Ye Tao is in a lush forest on Lantau Island, sitting on a big stone, concentrating and closing his eyes, constantly running his skills. Between Ye Tao's back and forth huff and puff, I saw the surrounding air, suffused with subtle fluctuations, an untraceable aura, like the cheerful night spirit, gathered rapidly around him. Then, along the skin of his nose and mouth, the vitality quickly merged into his body. Ye Tao has always been like this, maintaining a state of no sorrow and no joy, absorbing the vitality of heaven and earth. With the continuous operation of the exercise, the True Qi in the body is also constantly condensed. The True Qi in the past can be said to be the clear river water. At this time, the True Qi is like the thick milk,plastic cosmetic tubes, which is not a gratitude at all. Time goes by minute by minute. Ye Tao's naked upper body emerged a faint white brilliance, which was soft and warm, full of infinite vitality.

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