SVG files: what are they and where are they used?

SVG files: what are they and where are they used?
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08 January 2023

Among the presence of a huge number of graphic files of various formats, it is worth paying special attention to SVG files. After all, working with vector graphics is directly related to the SVG format. Consider the features of these files. We recommend drawing your attention to freebies svg collection, which are featured on SvgOcean. Now this collection, you can get for free on the site.

What are SVG files?

There are two types of computer graphics: vector and raster. A vector graphics image consists of lines (vectors), and a raster image consists of dots (pixels). And vector graphics have one important advantage over raster graphics.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphix) - scalable vector graphics. SVG files are a set of tags in XML format that can be opened with any text editor and modified. Among the numerous image file formats, SVG is the most commonly used on the web. This is because the SVG file consists of XML markup and can be changed dynamically through JavaScript programming or styled with CSS. You can also directly work with SVG using HTML.

SVG graphics can be converted to any other graphic format. On the site you can convert SVG to PNG/JPG/TIFF of any size just online.

A vector image consists not only of lines, but also of separate ready-made vector objects - rectangles, circles, lines, polyhedra and others. Each such object has its own properties that can be changed manually and thereby change the object itself.

Advantages of vector graphics:

  • Scalability. Vector images do not lose quality when enlarged, which cannot be said about raster graphics, which lose their clarity;
  • Flexibility in handling. Vector graphics allow you to create smooth animations. Also, the SVG text file can be linked to programming languages, where XML markup with the presence of objects and their properties can be editable;
  • Two ways to manage content. To open the SVG file, a graphics editor or browser will do. However, it is possible to change the image both in a graphical editor and by manipulating the text of the file.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting, of course, the large weight of the file. In this regard, vector graphics are inferior to raster graphics. But, to create an adaptive site and program, vector graphics are used. After all, the site will open on various devices, and the image will change its format and should not lose quality.

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