Tantra Positions To Unleash Your Sexual Power

Rayhan Ahmed Rayhan Ahmed 09 December 2020
Tantra Positions To Unleash Your Sexual Power

Ancient tantra holds sexual energy in very high reverence, considering it an important partner in an individual's spiritual awakening. Also called tantra energy, this sexual energy must at no time be suppressed or treated as something shameful. As your tantra teacher will tell you right at the outset, Tantra embraces sex as a part and parcel of human life and elevates it to a sacred status.

The Sanskrit word Kama, from which the name Kama Sutra comes, means that love and sex are united, indivisible forces. By this coin, the sexual energy generated during sex between two loving partners must be harnessed and expressed to its fullest. There must not be any withdrawing from or denial of this force, which exists to fire up the body's sexual response and make both ecstasy and procreation possible.

Your tantra teacher will guide you in the art of tantra sex by teaching you various tantra positions. These tantra techniques are designed to bring partners closer together than ever before, ensuring that the sexual act becomes a spiritual one as well. Even a novice to tantra who is yet not under the guidance of a tantra master can experience some the power and beauty of tantra sex.

In fact, some of the basic tantra sex positions prescribed by the Kama Sutra can be easily attempted without instructions from a tantra master. However, it is not advisable to attempt the more advanced tantra techniques described in the Kama Sutra and other tantra scriptures without proper guidance. A gifted tantra master can make all the difference between heightened spiritual-sexual awareness and complete disillusionment and loss of interest.

In one of the simplest sex positions, the man makes love to the woman while she lies on her back with her legs pressed together. Unlike in the missionary position, in this tantra position the man's thighs are outside the woman's. This causes her vagina to become a tight sheath that swallows the penis completely. Practiced properly, this tantra position can lead to ecstatic sex.

The man can also ask his woman to raise her thighs from a sitting position while placing her feet on either side of his waist. The man then enters her with considerable force, penetrating her with the entire shaft of his penis. In an alternative to this sex position, the woman reclines on the edge of firm, flat surface. The man pulls out of her vagina, then abruptly re-enters her to the fullest extent. It is not difficult to get the woman to attain an explosive orgasm in this tantra position.

In one of the more difficult tantra sex positions, the woman pulls her knees against her breasts and places her feet in her male partner's armpits. Using her hands to lever her buttocks upwards, she opens her thighs and places her heels beside her hips. This position also permits the male partner to stroke her breasts.

Because London tantra requires its practitioners to keep up the highest possible levels of intimacy during sex, it is important to maintain eye contact as much as possible during the act. The idea is to experience the sexual act as a whole, and not just in a detached manner on the physical plane alone. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and when the soul becomes part of tantra sex, the fullest ideal is achieved.

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