The 13 Phases of The Minecraft Infection

Creech Le Creech Le 25 September 2022 Follow

Through my experience as a Minecraft player, I've noticed various basic stages that a player goes through when "infected". These stages are what I think you'll be able to identify.

1. The Infection: Almost no person discovers Minecraft on their own. The majority of Minecraft players are introduced to the game by friends or family members, or they read about it on the internet. I, for one, was able to discover it after my friend and I played it at his home for hours. Many people have also been "infected" via YouTube. 2. The Arrival The Arrival: Now that the player has seen Minecraft it, he'll desire it. Badly. Either by copying (shun them) or by purchasing the game the player will get it. 3. The Beginning Game: The player will be playing Minecraft for the first time. It will be a shaming game. The player won't know how to do anything! Six YouTube videos were needed for me to learn how to open Minecraft and create a brand new world. 4. Who enjoys survival mode? When a Minecraft player begins the game, he will almost never play survival mode. He views survival as boring and hard, however creativity is thrilling and enjoyable. You can do almost everything! You can fly! You can take down creepers! Minecraft servers You can create full-on diamond armor! 5. Creative becomes boring The player has been playing Minecraft for about one week now. He does only one thing build dirt houses and kill creepers using full armor and enchanted weapons. It's enjoyable but it's becoming tedious. The player isn't very skilled and there's nothing to challenge him. It's time to play survival mode, isn't it? 6. The beginning of survival A lot of players will get bored of their games and turn to survival. The survival phase lasts about one year. 7. The MADNESS: This is the most severe of the Minecraft infection. When a player is on in an area of survival and dies, chaos is triggered. One characteristic of this stage that will aid in identifying it is the "engraged insane howl". 8. First Break: After losing diamonds and dying, players will typically take up to a month away from the game. 9. Cheating: The player may take a break and decide to return to the game. He will pretend to never died and then hack his items back. 10. The End: If the player is good enough to be successful, he will eventually kill the enderdragon. He will then brag to all his friends. 11. Second Break: Survival is over, and creativity has become boring. What's left for the infected to ponder over? 12. Creative: A month or so after beating survival, the majority of players will shift to creativity. They will build homes, create mob arenas, find hight limit, and even build their own homes. 13. The Divergence Players infected with the disease may take different routes after trying out various creative concepts. Some infected will exhibit signs of multiple paths.

Route A: The player is able to start playing on servers

Route B: The player will be able download maps for play

Route C: The player will try redstone, eventually becoming a professional.


Route D The player installs and makes mods.

Route E: The player hosts a server.

Route F: The player will quit Minecraft.

Route G: The user (much like me) will create Minecraft custom maps.

Route H: The player will get caught into a vicious cycle of obsession and greed, and eventually become obsessed with Minecraft. The player will lose all of his family and friends.

Now that you know the common phases of the Minecraft infection, you should be able to recognize them in yourself. Refusing to acknowledge the problem is not the solution.

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