The 13 Phases of The Minecraft Infection

Through my career as a Minecraft player, I've noticed various basic stages that a player goes through when "infected". I am sure you'll be able to recognize these stages.

1. The Infection: Minecraft is almost never discovered by anyone else on their own. The majority of Minecraft players were introduced to the game by their friends or via the internet. I personally discovered it after a friend and I played at his house for hours. YouTube is also a source of infection for many. 2. The Arrival: Once the player has seen Minecraft, they will desire it. Badly. In either case, by pirates (shun them) or by purchasing the game the player will get it. 3. The Beginning Game: The player will be playing Minecraft for the first time. Minecraft-server-list.Biz The game will be difficult. The player will not know how to proceed! Six YouTube videos were required for me to understand how to open Minecraft and create a new world. 4. Who likes survival mode? : When a Minecraft player first begins, he almost never plays survival. He thinks that survival is boring and hard, but the creative process is exciting and enjoyable. You can do anything! Fly! You can take down creepers! You can make full diamond armor! 5. Creative gets boring The player has been playing Minecraft for about one week now. The only thing he does is construct dirt houses and kill creepers with full armor and magical weapons. It's enjoyable... But it's becoming really boring. The player isn’t very skilled and there's no challenge. It's time to test survival mode. 6. The Start of Survival After becoming bored with creative, many players will turn to survival. The survival phase lasts about one year. 7. The MADNESS: This is the most severe form of the Minecraft infection. If a player is on in the survival map and dies, chaos ensues. The characteristic of this stage that will aid in identifying it is the "engraged madman howl". 8. First Break: After dying and losing diamonds a player will often spend up to a month from the game. 9. Cheating: After taking breaks from the game, the player choses to play it again. He will pretend he had never died and steal his items back. 10. The End If the player is competent enough, he will eventually defeat the enderdragon. He will then brag to all his buddies. 11. Second Break: Survival is over, and creativity is boring. What's left for the affected? 12. Creative: Most players will become creative about one month after having won survival. They will build houses or mob arenas and even find the maximum limit. 13. The Divergence The Infected Player may take different routes after trying out different ideas for creativity. Infected individuals may exhibit indications of multiple routes.

Route A: The player is able to begin to play on servers

Route B: The player will be able to download maps for play

Route C: The player will try his hand with redstone before becoming a professional

Route D: The player will download and modify the game.

Route E: The player will host a server.

Route F: The player will exit Minecraft.

Route G: The player (much like me), will create Minecraft custom maps.

Route H The player will fall into a vicious and deadly cycle of greed, and become obsessed with Minecraft. The player will lose all his family and friends.

Now that you understand the common phases of the Minecraft infection, try to recognize them in yourself. Refusing to acknowledge the problem is not the solution.

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