The Best All-purpose Kitchen Shears 2021

John liam John liam 12 October
The Best All-purpose Kitchen Shears 2021
The KitchenAid All-Purpose Shears

The Best All-purpose Kitchen Shears

Don't call these bad boy scissors-good The  Best All-purpose kitchen scissors can and should be used for more than just cutting drawing paper or banging. Every time I make parchment paper, open a bag of frozen peas, slice a bunch of herbs, slice a pie crust, crack chicken, slice a pizza, I take mine To find. And I think you should do that too. But which cutter needs to make the cut when storing the weapon? I tried the 7 most popular and most acclaimed kitchen scissors on the market and tried to find the best. This is what I found: 


Overall Best: Oxo Good Grips Kitchen & Herb Sciss 

These Oxo kitchen scissors were cheap but always effective and stood out while testing the simple and easy-to-use design that characterized reliability and the brand. The loose proportions of the handle fit comfortably in large and small hands, and the grip isn't lavishly filled, but it won't get pinched or pinched.  

Combining a traditional blade with a micro-toothed blade designed to work on something really smooth (reading chicken skin), Oxo scissors cut fine herbs from cutting parchment paper into baking pans. Did all the tasks I threw quickly and cleanly or smash the whole chicken. 

If one of the tasks you ask the scissors to do naturally involves raw poultry, you want to make sure it's easy to clean, and at that point the Oxo model is again in flying colors. passed. .. With a central hinge that opens smoothly, unlocks and easily separates the stainless steel blade, these scissors are easy to pull apart and clean and easy to assemble. Commercial 


Finally, our tests lasted only a few days of normal kitchen work, and there were over 500 5-star reviews on Amazon, but with numerous testimonies demonstrating the long-term reliability of Oxos. I was encouraged. Needless to say, in the unlikely event of a problem, Oxo's generous satisfaction guarantee allows you to request additional pairs at any time. 

What can I say more?  

Isn't it when you started cutting? 

Upgrade with some additional features: Shun Kitchen Shears (formerly sold as Kershaw Taskmaster Shears) 

What may be included in the image: scissors, weapons, blades, weapons, scissors 

Avoid kitchen scissors 

If you're a serious gadget enthusiast, Shun Kitchen Sciss is a great upgrade option. There are several more bells and whistles available, including a bottle opener, nutcracker, jug pickup, flat-blade screwdriver, and bone cutter. $ 100 $ 80 Williams Sonoma 

The Oxo Multipurpose Kitchen Sciss is great for everyday use and cost-effective, but if you're a serious cook whose budget doesn't really matter, or just a fun type, you can consider it. Kitchen scissors as an upgrade option. 

Shun's kitchen scissors 

The reason is as follows. Shun's kitchen scissors excel in the same tests as Oxos, but with some more equipment than the most basic scissors. That is, bottle openers, nutcrackers, potted plants, flat-blade screwdrivers, and bone cutters. The Shun model is basically a MacGyver with kitchen scissors. 

Like our general choice, Shun kitchen scissors can be easily disassembled for complete cleaning. It's also slightly larger than the Oxos and has a sensitive handle that makes it easy to fit in your hand and has a very rich and robust build quality that won't get tired for long periods of time. That said, all these extras have a price. Ultimately, only you can determine if the kitchen feels incomplete without a leg cutter. 

How to test kitchen scissors 

To award The Best All-purpose Kitchen scissors for every purpose, I look up Amazon customer ratings and see the results of tests done by other reputable chefs (such as America's Test Kitchen and Wirecutter) before the best. I have listed 6 evaluation pairs. cooking. condition. Take. 

How was the structure and quality? 

 Light and cheaply made scissors may be suitable for cutting paper and rope, but probably not enough for heavy tasks such as cutting pizza and shredding poultry. 

How well do they multitask?  

Good kitchen scissors must be a true multitasker, so I searched for a model that could perform the most diverse tasks accurately and easily. For Taskmaster, you've earned additional points for designs that include other built-in tools. 

How easy was it to clean the kitchen scissors?  

The Best All-purpose Kitchen Scissors can be a tedious task, so it is important that they can be easily disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled. For this reason, when compiling the test line, we decided early on to exclude models with fixed blades that did not separate at the hinges. 



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