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The Best News of Today

Now that it’s 2016, the New Year has finally begun! After months of anticipation, we’re only days away from the presidential election, which could potentially usher in a new era of American politics. As always, celebrities and other public figures are making headlines, as they continue to entertain us with their every move and decision. Meanwhile, science and technology have yet again offered up fascinating findings that will surely prove beneficial to society at large in the coming years. All this, and much more, makes today one of the best days of the year!

Climate change

There’s a lot we can do to mitigate climate change and weather related disasters, but most of it requires big thinking. The best news today is that we’re seeing some really big moves in that direction. Nearly 200 countries are agreeing to keep global temperatures from rising by more than 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels (that’s almost 4 degrees Fahrenheit), making it one of the most significant environmental agreements ever made. Unfortunately, reaching that goal will require drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. This next generation may not be able to stop climate change completely, but they could certainly help stem its worst effects!

Death with dignity

The best news for today is that there’s a new way to legally end your life in California. To do so, you must obtain a prescription from two physicians stating that you have six months or less to live, and then follow specific guidelines outlined by your state. The process is both time-consuming and costly—about $1,500—but it makes dying with dignity easier than ever before. Let’s hope other states adopt similar legislation soon.

Canada legalizes cannabis

Canada became one of only a handful of countries to legalize recreational marijuana use as its Senate passed a historic bill on Tuesday, clearing another hurdle for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's drive to legalise cannabis. The legislation has already been approved by Canada's lower house and is expected to receive formal royal assent from Trudeau in days. Legalisation fulfils a 2015 campaign promise by Trudeau, the leader of the governing Liberal Party. US lawmakers weigh bipartisan marijuana bill: A bipartisan group of senators is moving forward with legislation that would end federal prohibition and leave it up to states to decide how to regulate cannabis sales within their borders, according to sources familiar with draft language for that bill.

Record low unemployment rate in US

The unemployment rate in US has reached a record low, according to new data released by Bureau of Labor Statistics. The jobless rate fell to 3.8% in May 2018 - down from 4.0% in April 2018 and significantly below market expectations of 4.2%. Employment gains were driven by services industries (+137,000) and goods producers (+65,000). Employment was unchanged in mining and logging industries. Over the year, employment growth averaged 180,000 per month – above population growth (162,000 per month). In January 2009, when Barack Obama took office amid a severe economic downturn triggered by a financial crisis that erupted in 2008, some 10% of Americans were unemployed and only 5% had jobs.

US increases defense budget by 7%

Ford has recently reported that it sold a record 6.7 million cars and trucks in 2017, thanks to a number of popular models. The news comes on top of another positive sales report from GM, which saw 4 percent growth year-over-year and put 2017 sales at an all-time high. In fact, total industry sales are expected to hit 17.5 million by year’s end, following several years where declines led analysts to warn about a peak car bubble. After years of worrying about consumers' shift away from gas-powered vehicles, auto executives can rest easy for now—and continue to bring new products to market that could help keep consumer interest going forward.

Federal government raises taxes on wealthy Americans

Congress passed a bill late last night to raise taxes on wealthy Americans and reinstate expired tax breaks for middle-class families. The bill passed only by a small margin, but still managed to pass in a Republican-controlled House. This is not class warfare, said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). This is economic patriotism. The new bill will hike taxes on those earning more than $250,000 per year and reinstate cuts for those earning less than that amount by 5%.

Ford car sales hit record high

Ford, one of America’s top automakers, has reported another record high in sales for 2016. This is great news for anyone who drives or rides in a Ford vehicle. As we move into 2017 and new car sales are announced, it looks like many consumers will be buying Fords! If you want to feel safer on your commute home or just want a quality American-made vehicle that’s within your budget, take a look at Ford vehicles. There are plenty to choose from!

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