The best orthopedic doctor in Egypt

Orthopedics represents a vital field in healthcare, as it plays a major role in treating injuries and diseases that affect the bones, joints and muscles. Doctors who specialize in this field are known as orthopedists, and they specialize in providing specialized medical care to patients with bone and joint problems.

The specific specialization of the orthopedic doctor varies, as he may specialize in precise fields such as orthopedic tumor surgery, or a sports injuries doctor who focuses on treating sports injuries, and also other specialties such as an orthopedic doctor who specializes in the knee or shoulder.

The process of choosing the best orthopedic doctor in Egypt is important for every patient, as this choice plays an important role in the success of any surgery or treatment plan. Choosing an excellent orthopedic doctor, who has extensive experience and an excellent professional history in the field of orthopedics, helps determine the optimal procedure according to the patient’s condition after examining and evaluating the patient in the orthopedic clinic.

There are a set of criteria that can be relied upon in the process of choosing the best orthopedic doctor in Egypt, including:

- Institutions to which the doctor belongs: Working in solid medical institutions known for quality and efficiency is an important factor in evaluating the most brilliant orthopedic doctor. Dr. Ibrahim Shaarawy, who works in major hospitals in Cairo and the United States of America, is considered among the most distinguished doctors in this field.  دكتور عظام ممتاز He works at Al-Demerdash Hospital and Ain Shams University Hospitals, as well as the Saudi German Hospital in Cairo, and the Cleopatra Hospitals Group. Working in prestigious hospitals ensures that the best results are obtained by working with an integrated medical team. Dr. Shaarawi also worked at Ohio University Hospital in the United States of America.

- Academic certificates: You must review the certificates obtained by the doctor, and verify the academic degrees and accreditations he holds. Dr. Ibrahim Shaarawi is considered one of the few orthopedists and joint doctors in the Arab world who has practiced the profession in the United States of America in addition to Egypt. He obtained his doctorate and master's degrees from one of the most prestigious universities in the Arab world, which is Ain Shams University.

Patient reviews: Patients’ opinions reflect the orthopedic doctor’s excellent success in his work, and Dr. Ibrahim Shaarawi’s relationship with patients is characterized by good listening and interest in their condition before and after treatment. This was reflected in patients’ evaluations on all social networking sites and patients’ satisfaction and testimonials.

Services provided by the orthopedic doctor include:

Limited interventions such as joint and tendon injections and also treatment of bone tumors with injections.

Evaluating and following up bone and joint conditions and developing an appropriate treatment plan for each case.

Careful follow-up of orthopedic patients and ensuring that their needs are met in terms of re-evaluation, rehabilitation, and follow-up for improvement until complete recovery.

Treatment of injuries to the knee joint.

Dealing with fractures, including conservative treatment and making a cast or splints.

Procedures to replace the knee joint and artificial pelvis.

Knee arthroscopy and treatment of knee cartilage tears.

Arthroscopic cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Resection of benign and malignant tumors

Wiring the tendons in the trigger finger

Nerve wiring

Fixation of fractures

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