The Best PC Setup for Online Gaming

The Best PC Setup for Online Gaming
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22 August 2022

Access to online gaming has improved considerably over the last few years, with many affordable gaming laptops and desktops hitting the market. However, to get the best experience, you will need a computer that’s capable of processing the graphics. Typically, the more advanced the computer specs, the greater the gaming experience will be. Throughout this article, we let you in on the best PC setups.

Gaming Chair

Whether you’re playing Call of Duty or hitting your favorite casino games, you will need a high-quality gaming chair to stay comfortable. Preferably, you will need one with suitable lumbar and neck support, which will help you to avoid strain injuries. You don’t need to spend a fortune on an office chair, but we recommend a budget of at least $70. After all, you can make up for extra money spent by making the most of the BetMGM bonus, which will give you $1000 of risk-free betting: Vihreasaari of Bonusfinder explains why it's one of the best solutions out there in Ohio.


Processors (CPUs) are the brain of a computer and connect all hardware on the motherboard together. For a smooth gaming experience, you will need a high-quality CPU. There are two manufacturers out there - Intel and AMD. You will need to decide which is the best for you because that’s a timeless debate that can never truly be won.

Graphics Card

Graphic cards (GPUs) are essentially an extension of the processor and are essential for running modern games. You will need to choose between AMD and Nvidia, which are in constant competition to release the best GPUs. To cope with today’s gaming market, we suggest installing the AMD R5 1600x or an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, as a minimum.

Operating System

Your computer is powered by an operating system (OS), which is responsible for any peripherals and hardware. The most popular OS for gaming is Windows, macOS, and Linux. The average gamer should be familiar with Windows because it’s a household name, and the majority of computers come with this installed. However, depending on the type of games you wish to play, an alternative may be better. For example, some games are exclusive to Apple, making macOS the better choice. However, you should keep in mind that Windows tends to offer a cheaper gaming experience.


The monitor is an essential part of your gaming computer setup, without which you’ll just have a mechanical box on your desk. Choosing the right monitor is essential, and you will need to pair it up with your computer's specs. If you buy a poor-quality monitor, it will make your system obsolete, but if you invest in a too powerful monitor, you’re wasting money on hardware your computer can’t run; you can use PCPartPicker to help with compatibility.

Internet Connection

When it comes to online gaming, it’s only worth investing in a high-end gaming computer if your internet is fast enough to cope with the demands. The majority of game manufacturers recommend a minimum of 3 Mbps. However, we find that this is too low, especially if you have other devices connected to your broadband. Therefore, we recommend having an internet package that comes with a guaranteed connection of 30 Mbps; the majority of providers will have a basic package that hits this speed.

There are countless affordable gaming computers on the market today, which makes choosing a gaming setup confusing. Understanding how the parts above impact your gaming experience will help you make a decision. Remember, the better the specs, the higher graphic games you will be able to run.

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