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The Best Pillows For Back Pain | Ignitto
The Best Pillows For Back Pain | Ignitto



 It often happens that waking up does not seem a good idea. Instead of being energetic and active after getting enough sleep, many people suffer back pain. Numerous factors cause back pain. For example, many people suffer restlessness adding to the pain, or some sit for too long due to work that leads to back pain. This article intends to explain various causes of back pain, how to overcome them, and the Best Pillows For Back Pain


What causes back pain?

In the majority of cases, individuals suffer back pain primarily due to their lifestyle. For example, long sitting hours or lying and sitting improperly for more extended periods causes back pain. This is because of the pressure exerted on the backbone due to bad posture. 

Our spine has a particular level of flexibility and shape. Going against this can lead to severe consequences that initially start with suffering back pain. In addition, we unintentionally exert pressure on our spine with a bad posture that ultimately leads to back pain. Being conscious of one's posture while sitting and lying, and even walking can do a lot of good to one's back. However, having a bad posture continued for a long time can also lead to permanent deformities of the back.  

Apart from lousy posture, several medical conditions are also the leading cause of back pain. 

Our spine comprises thirty-three vertebrae that can be thought of as blocks/discs that make up our backbone. A slight change in the position of these blocks or discs can cause chronic back pain. This shift in blocks usually occurs due to heavy lifting or other medical conditions where bones start wearing out. 

There are numerous causes of back pain. However, one can identify by the severity of the pain, whether due to slouching or a medical condition. 

How to overcome back pain?

For slouching and lousy posture, there are plenty of solutions available. Some of them are listed below.

  • Wearing a brace belt can help in improving the posture. 

  • Sitting in an upright position can reduce back pain.

  • Practice walking with shoulders down and neck straight with chin up will remove pressure from the spine.

  • Daily workouts and especially exercise for back pain can reduce back pain to a great extent.

Apart from the postural problems, the medical conditions causing back pain can only be treated using mediation. However, in addition to the medication, one can also resort to the Best Pillows For Back Pain. This will surely add comfort and reduce restlessness. 

Best pillows for back pain

Though full-fledged treatments for back pain are out there, why not try to overcome it by making some necessary modifications in one's life? For example, replacing the traditional pillows with special pillows for back pain can do wonders. 

Buying the best pillows for back pain is necessary for people who suffer chronic back pain. These pillows are designed in a specific shape that supports the spine while in bed.

We have shortlisted a few of them to help you get an idea of what is the best pillow for back pain.

Here is the list,

  1. Adjustable Lumbar Support Pillow 

  2. Lumbar Support Pillow 

  3. Gel Lumbar Support Pillow 

  4. Memory Foam Back Cushion

  5. Memory Foam Pillow

  6. Cooling Gel Lumbar Pillow 

The Bottom line

Back pain is one of the leading causes worldwide, hindering individuals' productivity at work and affecting their personal lives. The reasons for back pain are varied. However, to overcome the pain, one must use the Best Pillows For Back Pain instead of the regular ones. Although, pillows do not serve as the permanent solution to one's chronic back pain. However, one can complement it with medicines and routine exercises to get rid of it.



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