The Best Rubik Cube

The Best Rubik Cube
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18 July 2023

The Rubik's Cube is an engaging puzzle for people of all ages and has endured through various fad toys as others have come and gone. Thanks to its timeless appeal and simple design, people of all ages find this piece of fun engaging!

Finding the best Rubik's cube depends on a range of subjective and objective considerations, but great cubes all share certain common qualities.

1. Qiyi MS Magnetic Speed Cube

The Qiyi MS is the classic 3X3X3 Rubik's cube that started it all. An ideal choice for beginners, it comes equipped with an instruction guide to assist them. Boasting smooth maneuverability and durable enough for kids' play, its strong community supports it with many resources online and guides available for help.

Speed cubes are designed to allow for rapid algorithm execution with little resistance between layers, enabling faster turning speeds and reduced effort required to move them around. Unfortunately, however, their lightweight nature makes them uncontrollable to beginners while they learn to solve puzzles.

Qiyi, innovators of giant twisty puzzles, offer this factory magnetized 3x3 speedcube at incredible value for a high-end 3x3 speedcube. Boasting premium feel and cutting-edge design and manufacturing advancements, it stands as one of the fastest cubes on the market - perfect for competitive speed cubing!


2. Yuxin Little Magic

Yuxin Little Magic stands out as one of the finest budget 3x3 speed cubes available, perfect for new cubers or those seeking an upgrade on their current cube. Its lightweight design, advanced features, and frosted exterior offer similar performance at a much lower cost compared to high-end models - and mass magnetization can even give additional stability if desired.

The Cubeleo Elite M is another top pick, providing fast turning and smooth acceleration right out of the box. Additionally, its durability makes it great for everyday use while its anti-pop technology keeps unwanted pops away. Furthermore, this hybrid cube can interact with software, sparking interest in STEM topics like coding.

Although many may view Rubik's Cubes as simple toys, there is actually an amazing community around these fascinating puzzles that enjoy them from all ages and walks of life. From solving challenging cubes to breaking personal records - Rubik's Cubes offer fun ways to challenge both yourself and others!

3. Qiyi Valk 3

If you prefer a cube without all the bells and whistles found in other models but still offers great performance and great value, then this may be an ideal option. Additionally, its sleek exterior may make this perfect for people who wish to avoid stickers that eventually wear off, as well as children who might attempt reapply them to cheat!

MoYu offers this fast-turning cube with dual adjustment systems on both center pieces for optimal performance and is available both stickered and stickerless designs for added variety. It provides great corner cutting capability as well as providing an ultra smooth experience when turning.

Although the Valk 3 is an exceptional puzzle, advanced solvers do not necessarily require it for competition-winning speedscubers like Feliks Zemdegs to post winning times in speedcubing competitions with budget models such as Yuxin Little Magic. Remember, cleaning, lubing and setup make an enormous impactful difference to speed cubing performance--not so much the model or price of puzzle itself!

4. YJ Magic Cube

If you want a cube that stands out while remaining functional, this one of the best options available. It features an eye-catching visual style and comes equipped with an uncompromising sticker that won't peel away like other cubes do.

YJ Magic Cube is another high-quality 3x3 produced by veteran cube manufacturer YJ. Equipped with an magnetic positioning system and primary internals for stellar performance at an economical price, the Magic Cube excels at corner cutting while remaining stable with very little popping.

Though not as fast as some of the other speed cubes on this list, this option makes an excellent way to begin cubing. It features a companion app with games, lessons, and tracking functions which will keep both beginners and experts entertained for hours on end - plus it comes with five puzzles for less than the price of mid-range GAN cube!

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