The best tech for betting on sports

The best tech for betting on sports
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The sports betting industry is undergoing some exciting changes, with gamblers moving from in-store betting at high street bookmakers and land-based casinos to remote play powered by improvements to the technology used. Today, more wagers are placed using smartphone apps than at betting offices and desktop computers combined. Things are changing at the leading names, including Mybookie, and if you want to keep up while increasing your chances of making a profit from gambling on sports, you must be up to speed.

What is the best tech to use when betting on sport, and does one platform improve your chances of beating the bookies over another? On this page, we explain how technology has changed the gambling sector beyond all recognition and the tools you can use that will help give you an edge over the traders when making predictions on major sports competitions like the NFL and NBA. It's our goal to arm you with the info required to make you the best bettor you can be.

The main focus is on the tech needed to place bets on sports, one that will keep you secure and offers a range of markets and promotions while keeping the process as quick and simple as possible. We also look at some other tricks of the trade and the technology you can take advantage of that will help you stay one step ahead of your rivals.

The best tech for betting on sports

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Android or iOS for gambling?

Whether you bet with an Android or iOS smartphone device, you will enjoy access to the same sports, markets, promotions and odds. There is no difference between the two when it comes to options, and you won’t gain anything by using one over the other. They are identical, allowing you to place bets, watch sports, cash out, gamble in-play and contact the customer service team with a single click.

There is one major difference between the two platforms, and that’s how you download a betting app. Installing on iOS is quick and easy, taking just a few seconds. All you must do is access the App Store and type the name of your chosen bookie into the search bar, click Get, and the device will do the rest, your new gambling app appearing on your handset before you know it.

The process isn’t quite clear-cut when adding a betting app to an Android mobile. Due to an ongoing feud between Google and the betting industry, no gambling apps feature on the Google Play Store. To download a betting app, you must visit the mobile site and click the homepage link to request the app. This will be sent to your smartphone, and you can follow the steps from there.

Researching your picks

Before parting with your hard-earned cash and betting on a sportsbook selection, you should do your homework. There are no fancy programmes or pieces of equipment needed to do this, so there’s no excuse for not putting in the groundwork in an attempt to beat the bookies. All you need is hard work and a Wi-Fi connection or available data on your mobile.

When making predictions on a soccer match, for example, you should know the recent form of both teams involved, any injury news, the head-to-head stats and even the latest ramblings from the gossip columns and fanzine websites. The more you read and the more information you have about a fixture, the greater the chances of making a profit. It’s as simple as that. Don’t cut corners, as you can be sure the bookies’ traders know their stuff.

Watching the big match

The most impressive piece of tech relating to online betting is the live streaming. This is only available at the best, most popular betting apps, but it’s a feature you should insist your betting provider offers you. Bookies offer live streaming of major sports fixtures, including the next horse race due off in the United Kingdom or the evening’s main attraction from the world of basketball.

Live streaming is free to view if you have placed a bet on the outcome of the event, is HD quality with expert commentary and has access to in-play betting odds.

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