Ever had a day when everything goes wrong forgot your wallet when it is the time to pay, your essentials/ paperwork when you need them or maybe just you had your shoes damaged?

Well.. Wonder how it all happens to you when you are all far away from your home or your city or even your country. You don’t need to have a detailed excel sheet to keep up with everything, you just need to know about the best travel packing tips.

Your carry on and your checked luggage might have different sets of rules accordingly. Depending on your type of travel you might pack for yourself but there are some general tips you can follow. 

Here are some following best travel packing tips for you to keep your trip/ journey in place.


  1. Make a list

Prior to your trip, days before your actual trip start a list of your essentials. You can add into it accordingly. 


Have a soft and hard copy of all the essential documents required. If you create a complete file once during this trip, you can use it for every trip. For a better and easier task, you should refer to your travel itinerary and correspondingly find the perfect things that you might need in your travel.

  1. Roll/ fold 

One of the best tips to get you some extra space is rolling your clothes instead of folding them. 

But it is also dependent on the cloth. Whichever type of cloth you can fold you must. This kind of packing is also beneficial as they're less prone to getting deep wrinkles from the typical fold creases. For your clothes, you can't or you shouldn't get them into one of those vacuum sealed bags. 

  1. Pack your toiletries well

How would you like to have your beautiful fresh clothes covered in shampoo?? Not an easy task to handle, is it? You must pack your toiletries well, it might be with a plastic bag or in a container but make sure you pack them separately.  

  1. The 3-1-1 rule

You can only bring 3.4 ounces or smaller containers in your carry on. All the other packages that are larger than 3.4 ounces must be packed in the checked luggage. So, make sure you have a well packed carry on bag as well and have the packages for checked luggage packed separately. 

  1. Mark your Luggage

Be it your carry on or your checked luggage, you must mark your bags as it is easier to identify and also marking in a special manner will also help you. If you add a “handle with care” or the special “Fragile content” to your luggage it will keep you safe from the hazard and  it doesn't end up in a pile of damaged goods.

  1. Carry your medicine

A must have in the list of best packing travel tips is to carry your medicines. You don’t want to end your travel trip due to a health issue or cause any decrease in your plans after you have spent so much money.

According to the weather forecast you must be able to stay updated and carry the required things accordingly.  


  1. Carry a power drained laptop

Yes, as odd as it may sound, you must carry a laptop or the device with a good battery storage. For airport security you might have to go through an additional process if you carry one of those drained devices and it might cost you some time. 

  1. Never pack your things in an aluminum foil

This material doesn't let the machine scan the packed things well. It might again cost you an extra time while going through the security check. 

  1. Never pack your charger in your check luggage back

No matter the span of your flight to the destination, always carry your charger in your carry on bag. 

  1. Avoid the "Just in case" items

Except for the most plausible cases, you just won't be introduced to those cases in your mind and it just consumes a lot of space. If it arrives at all, you can always buy it.

  1. Carry expensive or precious items 

It creates an additional task for you when you add an expensive item into your luggage. So, try and avoid any such items. Unless they are not required, you must not carry them. 

  1. Carry a small carryon bag

There is a limit to how large a bag you can carry as your carry on. Try and use it to your benefit as you always need that space but it also doesn’t mean that you should try and fit everything in it. 

Be careful and know about the destination well before you travel to the place. The best travel packing tips also won’t hold your back, if you are not in your rightful state of mind. 

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