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35+ WhatsApp message templates stolen from the top brands [Save now]

Taking inspiration from the world’s top brands, here are 35+ WhatsApp message templates that’ll help you communicate with your audience with ease! Bookmark now

Rule-Based System

A rule-based system is a system that applies human-made rules to store, sort and manipulate data. In doing so, it mimics human intelligence.

77+ Marketing memes that sum up every Marketer’s life

Every Marketer’s life is a meme! Here are the funniest 77+ (relatable) Marketing Memes that you’ll definitely want to share with your team! Check it now.

How are intelligent healthcare chatbots being used? [New Uses for 2022]

Chatbots provide instead information, book appointments and even play a major role in the fight against COVID-19. See how bots are revolutionizing healthcare!

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot in 5 Steps [For Free in 2022]

Here’s the easiest and best way for you to create a WhatsApp chatbot without writing a line of code in 2022. Follow this 5-step guide to build your WhatsApp bot

6 types of chatbots — Which is best for your business?

Looking to automate conversations? There are many types of chatbots, but you need to pick the one that works best for your business. Find your perfect bot here!

11 ways eCommerce chatbots can boost sales, support, and lead generation!

eCommerce Chatbots are making online shopping easier than ever before. They help customers buy products & make payments without opening your website or app

Install HBase in a snap! A simple step-by-step guide

This 5-step guide will help you to install HBase on your Mac in just 5 minutes. Use it to store large volumes of time-series data with minimum effort!

HR Chatbots: 7 Ways to Automate your HR activities & save time

Speed up and automate recruiting, onboarding, and engaging employees with intelligent HR chatbots. Explore 7 ways to save time on HR activities in this article!

What are Chatbots? How do Chatbots work? Top 10 applications

A chatbot is a type of software that can help businesses to automate customer conversations and interact with them through different messaging platforms.

Mapping the growth of voice-enabled chatbots!

Voice-enabled chatbots let customers get support while multi-tasking, without needing to focus on the bot. See how voice bots are redefining customer support!

40 Top EdTech leaders transforming education and learning experiences

Read on to see who we think is worth a follow in the edtech world these days, and follow them and take a look at their groundbreaking work in education

8 vital roles that chatbots play in the automotive industry

Automation is revolutionizing lead generation, sales, & support in automotive industry. Here’s how chatbots are helping in digitally transforming the industry.

Chatbot on-premise vs chatbot on-cloud: What’s best for your business?

More often than not it is quite confusing for a business, which develops chatbots, to decide whether they want to build a chatbot on-premise versus on-cloud.

How to use chatbots for marketing in 2022

2022 will see the use of chatbots for marketing to a great extent. Chatbots will be used in lead generation, content distribution, market research & much more.

Overcoming the top 5 challenges of customer satisfaction

Customers interact with your business every day, so we must keep customers satisfied. Here’s how to overcome the largest challenges of customer satisfactaction.

10 Must-Have chatbot features (#5 will make customers love you!)

Here are 10 chatbot features that you need to look out for if you’re building a chatbot for your business. Make sure your chatbot has them all. Get the list now

How will facial recognition systems & algorithms work in 2022?

Facial Recognition Systems first detect faces. They then get into feature extraction, next, they classify faces. Learn how these systems and algorithms work!

BeanUtils.copyProperties and why it’s not what it looks like

Are you caught in the trap of writing over 50 lines of boilerplate code to accomplish a single task? With BeanUtils, you no longer have to do that. Here’s how.

7 powerful tips to design an amazing chatbot icon for your business

Here’s our list of things to do while designing a chatbot icon for your business — Ranging from getting inside your users’ minds to analyzing competitor logos.

Whitelabel Chatbot Partnership — How to invest in automation?

Why struggle to build a platform when you can use one that’s trusted in 186 countries? Explore the benefits of a white label chatbot and live chat platform here

24/7 therapist chatbots are a new source of relief

These therapists are available, 24/7. Chatbot therapists are extremely helpful, especially during the pandemic. See why people are turning to bots for support.

How intents and entities in chatbots help you design excellent bots

Look at intent and entity identification from the customer’s perspective and how they express their feelings, emotions, intentions, and requirements.

How to build a Facebook Chatbot [in 10 minutes]

A Facebook Messenger bot is a chatbot integrated with Facebook Messenger, using artificial intelligence to converse with people and create customer engagement.

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