The Complete Guide To Creating YouTube Shorts

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The Complete Guide To Creating YouTube Shorts

Since its introduction two years back, YouTube Shorts has taken the entire online world by storm, with roughly 5 trillion views to date.

Moreover, its never-ending feed is exceptionally engaging and keeps viewers hooked for hours. In addition, YouTube Shorts has proven to be an excellent way to advertise and promote your business online and improve your brand visibility.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail what YouTube Shorts is and how to create engaging videos and edit them to prefection with the help of an online video editor. 

So without any further ado, let's get straight to it. 

 Understanding YouTube Shorts And Its Purpose 

Shorts is a newly launched feature on YouTube that allows people to create brief, entertaining videos. With a duration of 60 seconds, users can readily create and edit YouTube shorts with delightful music, interesting filters, and other attractive elements.


Furthermore, YouTube Shorts is a perfect platform for organisations planning to create short, attention-grasping content. 

Likewise, the primary objective of YouTube Shorts is to assist modern companies in diversifying their brand reach and effectively promoting their products or services.

And given its power to add innovative features, YouTube Shorts allow businesses and individual brands to gain a competitive edge in the industry. 

How to Make YouTube Shorts Effectively?

 Below are some effective tips for creating engaging YouTube Shorts in no time. 

  • Select Your Topic

Before you begin recording your YouTube Shorts video, it is imperative to pick a topic that belongs to your niche.

Doing this will assist you in ensuring that the video you create is entertaining and informative. Therefore, it might not be wrong to say that thoughtful topic selection should always be your primary step while creating YouTube Shorts. 

  • Compose A Script

Right after you pick a topic relevant to your niche, you must write a script to ensure seamless execution. Also, writing a script will help you understand what you wish to incorporate in your video.

Besides, you must also try to keep the video script as brief as possible, as the time allotted to YouTube Shorts is only 60 seconds. You can utilise or scan through several YouTube templates to get an idea of what kinds of scripts work and what don't.

  • Select Upbeat Music

Adding fun music to your YouTube Short is a wonderful method to entertain viewers and make your video more pleasing.

Moreover, hundreds and thousands of songs and audio options are available on the YouTube platform; you only need to find the perfect audio track for your video. 

  • Add Some Attractive Filters

After you have chosen a topic, written a script, and selected your audio, it is time to add filters to your YouTube Shorts. Adding attractive filters using an online YouTube video maker will allow you to give a unique touch to your Shorts and also get more attention online. 

  • Post your YouTube Shorts

Once you have made an engaging YouTube Short video, it is time to post it for people to see and enjoy.

Moreover, it is easy to post YouTube Shorts; click the “publish” switch, choose one of your preferred YouTube templates, and your video will be posted online for people to see.

Steps To Upload Your YouTube Shorts

Below are the steps you need to follow to upload your YouTube Short videos online.

  • Log in to your YouTube account from the YouTube app on your mobile phone
  • Tap the + button and choose the option 'Create a Short.'
  • For a YouTube short video longer than 15 seconds, tap on the 15 seconds button in the top right to toggle to 60s
  • Record your YouTube Shorts video by long pressing the record button or clicking on start to record and clicking again to stop. 
  • Click on the tick button to review and improve your video
  • Once satisfied with your Shorts video, tap Next to add a label and select the required settings for your video.
  • Click on the select audience to determine whether the video is suitable for kids or not
  • Now, you can click on 'Upload Short' to make it live!

Key Points to Remember When Creating YouTube Shorts

 Here are some key points you must remember when creating YouTube Shorts: 

  • Tease Your Viewers a Bit

YouTube Shorts are an excellent way to tease your online viewers and make them curious about your product or services.

And you can readily boost this excitement and curiosity by sharing short BTS clippings or a teaser of your products that will keep the viewers hooked. 

  • Convey Your Story

 YouTube Shorts can serve as an excellent platform to convey your story. So if you have an interesting story that you think the world should know, you must not wait to create engaging YouTube Shorts. 

  • Promote Your YouTube Channel

If you own a YouTube channel, YouTube Shorts can be a perfect platform to promote your channel and gain more subscribers. And to accomplish this, you must share your best videos that can keep the audience hooked to get more views.

  • Exhibit Your Knowledge

YouTube Shorts are another perfect way to exhibit your knowledge. Besides, YouTube Shorts are the perfect medium to share recommendations and guidance if you have a special aptitude or understanding.

  • Create Videos on Trending Topics

If you wish to jump on the latest trends, YouTube Shorts is the perfect place to be. So if there are any latest trends going on in your business domain, don't forget to create exciting YouTube Shorts about that topic. 

  • Create Quick Engagement

Posting videos on YouTube YouTube Shorts is the most suitable method if you are searching for effective ways to build quick engagement with your audience.

In addition, you can develop better audience interest and obtain more views by posting a short clip of your recent video.

Besides, there are infinite opportunities when it comes to making YouTube Shorts. And by being a bit creative, you can readily leverage YouTube Shorts to promote your business online.

The Bottom Line 

In a nutshell, YouTube Shorts will always remain integral to every modern business's content strategy. That is because these businesses will want to ensure that their content reaches a more diversified audience and boost brand visibility.

Also, you must note that short video content generated with the help of an online YouTube video maker is quite useful for introducing a new product quickly, giving a sneak peek into your business, advertising an event, etc. And you know the best part?

These videos boost your YouTube channel's engagement too. So if you want to make your business reach a wider audience in very little time, don't forget to post regular YouTube Shorts. 

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