The digital marketing trends that are setting the tone in 2022

The digital marketing trends that are setting the tone in 2022
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The digital industry doesn’t stop producing new trends and new patterns in the way brands and companies are approaching clients.

With the passing of every year, people become even more accustomed to mobile devices, and this demands that brands remain on the verge of creativity and innovation when it comes to digital marketing campaigns.

Therefore, it becomes fundamental to stay on date with the latest marketing trends that are popular for their effectiveness in attracting customers. Let’s look at some of them.

Virtual events

Physical events have historically been one of the oldest forms of marketing activations to attract people and show off your brand.

Virtual events have risen in the last few years thanks to the development of social networks and formats of content such as Instagram lives. Many conferences are now completely focusing their efforts on online events: Inviting speakers, experts, and influencers on a determined subject to give more credibility to the debate. This is also causing the effect of producing synergies inside the industry you work in.

Take the coffee industry for example. One of the biggest coffee conferences this year was High Density 2022, a 100% online event dedicated to coffee professionals all over the world. One of the biggest benefits was that the organizers were able to represent a vast array of topics by inviting people from all over the world.

The impact of virtual events can be much broader as they’re not limited to a physical or geographical space.

Info products

Info products are digital goods tailored by selling companies to teach the consumer about a practical application of one of the products that are being sold.

There are many online platforms specialized in small courses that give people the knowledge needed to use tools such as video editing software, photo editing software, or other activities like photography, writing, or even interior design.

Websites like Udemy also have courses in a vast array of topics where you can even find courses on programming that cost not even a fraction of an actual university degree.

Other kinds of info products are the ones that organically invite the people learning from the course to buy the goods that are being offered. One perfect example of this is the company Beauty Lash, which sells beauty and skin care products. They have a course that teaches how to use their lash extensions and has acquired many returning customers through this means.

Offers & Promotions

And one of the most effective marketing trends that you will surely read about in articles written in the past as it’s still proven to be a successful action.

One of the best hooks when attracting new customers is to give them the chance to try your product or service for free. This is called a free trial and it’s a part of a bundle of promotions that you can use in your company.

One of the industries that best exploit the use of offers and promotions is the online casino industry. In a very competitive industry, online casinos use all their tools in hand to attract as many people as possible, and with an equivalent offering of games between them, they must stand out with the bonuses they give.

From free spins in the slots category to matching the money of the first deposit, online casinos battle between them in a contest that only ends up benefitting the clients who see themselves starting their gambling experience with a push forward that in some cases allows them to start winning prizes without even using their own money.

Influencer marketing

Influencers have become one of the most trustable sources for customers and clients that wish to obtain an opinion of a product or service.

They’ve been able to connect with their followers in a way that no other brand has ever managed and in return they’ve become an asset for brands looking for ambassadors for their products.

And it’s not only influencers with millions of followers that are suitable for a marketing campaign. The trend is to look for influencers with a smaller number of followers: micro-influencers as they’re called.

Not only they’re cheaper, but their rates of engagement are much higher, meaning that the return on investment is higher too.

Luxury brands such as Gucci have started to endorse micro-influencers such as Pierce Abernathy who amasses 300,000 followers and is well known for his cooking tutorials involving vegetarian dishes.

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