The ego: the strongest enemy to lead a firm

The ego: the strongest enemy to lead a firm
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The Ego, the Achilles heel of the big lawyers, since the basic question is the following: before being up to date with the latest legal reforms, the most recent advances in the science of leadership point out that the ultimate internal attribute for leading a law firm is humility.

And it so happens that humility is a relatively exotic phenomenon in our profession. Yes. Humility. That it does not consist in having an unconditional willingness to allow others to pass over you, but, on the contrary, it is specified in the virtue of knowing yourself, knowing what your limits are and not needing to win all the cases, appearing daily in the news or always be right to know that you are a competent lawyer. Humility, understood as simplicity, can be the trigger for your success as a leader –and for that of your office– because it will allow you to focus on the things that are really important.

In accordance with this approach, rather than believing in the reflections that you will find below, what this article is about is to invite you to take your pulse as you delve into the text, beginning with what you may begin to feel in a couple of seconds, when understanding a distinction that is key to running a firm: ego and self-esteem are inversely proportional concepts. A large Ego Quotes corresponds to a small self-esteem. A large self-esteem corresponds to a small ego. That's the nut of it all.

How big is your ego?

The ego, which appears to consist of a dense network of positive self-concepts that we build around ourselves in order to be able to interact with other lawyers and feel safe, is actually an armor that does not allow us to move with agility or decide precisely because it is a structure designed to give us an illusion of security, not to make us interact better. That is why it is so urgent to begin by strengthening self-esteem, so that the ego gradually deflates due to the very nature of the process.

Well, to gain a strong and flexible self-esteem there is no single safe path. However, among the valid methods there is one that is my favorite because it favors the emotional health of a lawyer who, due to his profession, is exposed to criticism, defeat and glory (as we know, in the case of a lawyer all these scenarios can occur in the same day through three notifications from three different orders or through three successive phone calls). The method: you have to change your obsession.



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