The Future of Mobile Apps: Trends and Forecasts

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The Future of Mobile Apps: Trends and Forecasts

If even 7-10 years ago it was necessary to prove the need to create convenient applications, today this is already an indisputable fact. User-friendly applications mean the so-called user experience. Initially, it was believed that if a product solves some client’s tasks, then it doesn’t matter what kind of performance it has, users will still turn to this service. Later, with the advent of competition, it was understood that in the end only those mobile development services who create convenient applications will win.

This trend has developed, and today customer care has become even more widespread. Now such developments are coming to the fore that are able to give not only comfort, but also anticipate the desires of the client.

Using mobile applications in mobile mode

In addition to creating applications that can anticipate the desires of users, there is another promising direction, namely, work with voice. But there are three main problems in this area.

Firstly, until recently, computers did not recognize human speech very well, secondly, when they themselves told us something, it sounded very crooked, and thirdly, that very user experience was not well studied.

What is meant: for example, when the computer is in the process of processing data, we see a spinning wheel on the monitor, and what to do when voice work occurs, how to let the user know what the computer is thinking.


Now in this direction, which is called Voice UX, there is very active work. Developers study user experience and offer their own solutions. For example, during operation, a computer can, like a person, say “eeeeee”, “mmmm”, “second”, or something like that.

Voice control is a trend that will definitely develop, because it is very convenient and opens up many opportunities for us. For example, in situations where your hands are busy, this may be a must.

Going beyond the smartphone

Mobile applications are now moving to a stage where they go beyond smartphones and begin to surround us in everyday life. A striking example is the new SAMSUNG refrigerator model, which has a built-in voice assistant. That is, now we can easily call a taxi and check a bank account using household appliances. This also includes smart screens at bus stops and hypermarkets, which have already been implemented in Israel, France, China and a number of other countries.

In fact, these are the same mobile applications, often working on android, only in a larger form. In addition, developments in this area have stepped far forward and now users can get something more than general information. Now these screens are equipped with video cameras that remember a person, and when the client accesses the system again, it is able to provide more precise information based on the data that was received earlier.

In general, the issuance of personalized information is a rapidly developing trend that certainly deserves close attention.

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