The Future of WordPress Web Development in 2021!

The Future of WordPress Web Development in 2021!
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What started with a few lines of code, today has become a platform that powers more than 70 million websites and this shows how strong the potential future of WordPress web development holds.

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Now, the following discussion is all about future changes in different aspects of WordPress development.
What is the Future of WordPress?
Gutenberg is on the way
Gutenberg is one of the expected features of WordPress that will provide you much-improved user & publishing experience.
It lets you edit your web content & posts in WordPress with new features & possibilities. It will provide you .benefits such as content & image management control, codeless, less time and so on.
A better User Interface
WordPress will go a provide you a user-friendly UI that is designed to anticipate what website user will need to do & incorporates parts & elements which are easy to access, understand & utilize to facilitate these actions.
WordPress is going to get even bigger
WordPress is going to provide you an application framework of REST API for WordPress developers. Today many digital experts & agencies are looking for classy & smart ways of REST APIs use & development.
This REST API & Gutenberg feature promises a bright future of WordPress. IN the future it will become a more suitable & comfortable working platform for both developers & web development companies. It will provide them more opportunities & reliable societies.
Better Multilingual Support 
WordPress provides you a translation readiness by several themes that are translation ready & plugins already translated into multiple languages.
The higher popularity WordPress will get on the globe, the more localized WordPress themes & other products are going to be by means of translation.
Here are some of the benefits of WordPress that will give you reasons why the future of WordPress is not in the stake!
As compared to another e-commerce platform, WordPress website will not cast a hole in your pocket. The maintenance cost of a WordPress website is very cost-effective & affordable and you don’t require a developer for any changes in the future.
Easy Website update
You can easily make modifications in your WordPress Website from anywhere on the globe with the help of a good internet connection.
SEO Friendly 
Today SEO is one of the most important aspects of any website. In the case of WordPress websites, they are built based on simple code and ideal for Google Indexing.
SEO components of each page are customizable & provide you complete control of your website performance.
Best WordPress Development Company
Responsive Web Design
It is one of the required things in the world of mobile app development. While using a custom WordPress website design, it provides you a responsive website without developing a separate website for each device.
Improve Site Security 
In the initial days, WordPress faced much criticism for its poor security. Today an expert WordPress developer will easily provide you a highly secure website for your business.
Content Marketing 
Today every business is adopting content marketing because it is one of the primary means of marketing. 
WordPress websites can be easily optimized for content marketing by allowing you to update the content on your website in a fraction of seconds as per your frequent requirement. 
Social Media Integration
WordPress web development provides you smooth integration of social media. You can simply connect to the social media community without having to log in separately into Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts & share your content easily.
When To Use WordPress:
1. When your site is blog posts & articles only.
2. When you plan to set up the site without any developer experience.
3. You need to get your site set up by next week.
4. When you have a limited budget.
5. When you don’t require any special plug-ins.
Popular Websites built on WordPress are as follows:
Fortune Magazine
Thrive Magazine
Van Heusen
BBC America
The Next Web
Time Inc.
The New Yorker
Above we have discussed the basic benefits & recent modifications made in WordPress that are enough to guarantee that the future of WordPress development is going to be bright. WordPress makes the development process easy with the help of free plugins & themes. Hire WordPress Developers from Shiv Technolabs that provide you cutting-edge solutions to represent your successful business & reflect your ideas.



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