The ghost does not speak _ the world overlord sings

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Yang Fang and others fled into the ancient city and saw three strings of footprints left on the sand on the ground. The troops of the Black Tiger came after them closely. The three men were exhausted and did not care to cover up their footprints. They fled to the city gate at the other end. Before that, the ground fell, and the depths were yellow water. The water surface was wide and boundless, and there was no way to go. Tan Tai Mingyue took down the shotgun behind him and hid above the city wall to stop the enemy. If he could shoot the black tiger in disorder, he would jump into the underground river deep in the sand cave and would rather die than fall into the hands of the warlord. Yang Fang said, "It's hard to distinguish the target in the chaotic army. If you can't hit Tu Heihu with one shot, you will never have a second chance. Why don't I hide in the city gate to surprise him? You and Erbao will go to Chengtou first and wait for an opportunity to meet him." Tan Tai Mingyue didn't know how Yang Fang hid in the city gate without being discovered, but the warlord troops arrived in a flash, so he had to take Erbao first and find a place to climb to Chengtou. Yang Fangxin know this is dead, but don't drag on the butcher black tiger cushion, dead also can't close his eyes, so turned off the overhead light, dodge to hide under the wall beside the gate, he is outside the city, warlord troops from behind through the city after, ranks have been mostly in the city, both sides across a gate. There is a soldier to fight for the head, at the foot of the run fast, a high torch in one hand, a rifle in one hand, when the first chase into the city gate, this is before and after the foot of kung fu, Yang Fang listen to footsteps to near, arm pull out the copper whip, hugged the top of the head to play down, the pawn is also a veteran who has been fighting for a long time,75 inch smart board, hasty response, can also raise the rifle up block, Rao is his reaction fast enough, But Yang Fang this copper whip force sink, a whip down, the soldier's rifle was smashed into two parts, the head is smashed to pieces, less than a hum, then the brains are splashed across the body on the ground. Yang Fang lifted his foot and kicked the dead body of the soldier, picked up the torch that fell on the ground and threw it into the water,touch screen board classroom, the torch fell into the water and went out immediately, the lights inside and outside the ancient city were all dark, and the soldiers who came after him could not see the situation in the distance, and saw a torch in front of him across the doorway, thinking that they would go after him, all of them were eager to make a contribution and ran out of breath. Buried his head in pursuit. But Yang Fang jumped up to the inner wall of the city gate, took a deep breath, and used the stunt of immortals hanging pictures. His body hung on the wall like a big gecko. Warlord troops fish through the gate, holding a torch ran under Yang Fang, which would have thought someone would hide in the head, past more than fifty soldiers, then slaughter black tiger in a large number of soldiers before and after the crowd came to the gate hole, he saw nothing in the ancient city of immortal immortals and mountains of treasures, can not help but disappointed, and see no way ahead, He shouted to his men to split up and search. They must not get away from half of the grave robbers. Several lieutenants around him also shouted one after another: "These thieves dare to break ground on the head of Tai Sui and steal and dig the ancestral graves of the governor. They are really looking for fun with tiger whiskers. They don't think about how many heads they have. They must be captured alive, skinned and lit with sky lanterns!" Yang Fang hung on the wall to see clearly, it is a golden opportunity, interactive digital whiteboard ,65 inch touch screen, if jumped from here, he has full assurance of a whip to break the head of the slaughter of black tiger, but the slaughter of black tiger around too many troops, one by one murderous, all are gun loaded knife unsheathed, although he can kill the slaughter black tiger, but in any case it is difficult to get away, not by random shooting, Even if he died under the knife, the opportunity was gone in a twinkling of an eye, and he didn't think much about it any more. He fell from the city gate like a bird, pulled out the whip and aimed it at Tu Heihu's head. With all his strength, Yang Fang used all the skills he had learned in the middle of the night. He thought to himself, "No matter how hard your head is, can you compare with the copper skin and iron bones of Luoyang zombies?" 6 This is to attack its unprepared, Tu Hei Hu ability again big, also did not expect Yang Fang can hang on the top wall of the gate, but the ancient city is full of sand and loess brought in by the flood, before Yang Fang shot, inadvertently rubbed off some sand, just fell on the top of Tu Hei's head, Tu Hei Hu is very keen, aware of the difference in the gate, at this time Yang Fang's copper whip also played down, In the midst of his busy schedule, he flashed aside and the copper whip passed by and hit him in the air. Tu Heihu's head was almost hit by the copper whip. A strong wind made his cheek ache. He was surprised and angry. He scolded the thief for being bold. He raised his pistol and aimed it at Yang Fang and pulled the trigger. Yang Fangman thought that Tu Heihu would die if he went down with this whip, but he didn't expect that this man would react so quickly that he almost let the other side escape. When he landed, he saw Tu Heihu raise his pistol. He also waved his hand like the wind and swept the bronze whip across the past. As soon as he made a series of three whips, he pulled his head horizontally and swept off Tu Heihu's pistol. After that, he hit him twice on his left and right shoulders. The bronze whip was as fast as the wind. Before Tu Heihu could get off the trigger, the pistol had already been knocked to the ground by the bronze whip. He was so angry that he retreated half a step, dodged the second whip, and took advantage of the situation to pull out the command knife on his waist. Listening to the heavy wind of the bronze whip, he must have had a heavy weight. The blade could not be touched by force. He first hung the third whip with the blade, followed by a knife to attack, with the sound of breaking the wind. When Yang Fang saw that Tu Heihu's swordsmanship was fierce and swift, he had to whip back and parry. The two men were enemies and were particularly jealous when they met, and they fought together inextricably. Surrounded by armed warlord troops armed with swords and guns, for fear of shooting the governor's adult, there is a heart in front of the battle, but the two people fight for their lives, you come and go to fight the eyes are red, long knives and copper whips are whirring wind, looking at the side all feel dizzy, and where close to the body. Tan Tai moon and two protect hiding in the city, see the gate lights, surrounded by hundreds of soldiers, although can't see how Yang Fang in the city gate hole with butcher black tiger fight, but heard the sound of both sides shout, all in the palm of his hand pinch a cold sweat. At this time, Yang Fang and Tu Heihu had not yet reached the boundary. If he was in the plain, he might not be Tu Heihu's opponent, so he had to risk his life and take advantage of the terrain in the city gate to fight with all his strength, barely able to fight equally. Although Tu Hei Hu was born as a bandit, he practiced a strong and hard skill. He immediately stepped down two routes of martial arts. He rarely met an opponent in his life. He was known for his bravery. In the past two years, as a military governor, he was in a high position,smartboard for business, but he still had a heart of black hands and was addicted to killing people. He often killed people himself. At the moment, he was also determined to kill each other. In a low roar, he changed his moves and wrapped his right hand with a long knife. The left hand uses the iron sand palm that can open the tablet and crack the stone.

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