The guidelines for daily maintnances on scissor lift before work begins.

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The guidelines for daily maintnances on scissor lift before work begins.

Guidelines For Daily Maintenance on Scissor Lift Before Work Begins

Whether you are planning to buy a scissor lift or just need some help with its maintenance, there are a few guidelines you should follow before you start working. Luckily, there are plenty of resources on the Internet that can guide you through the process. These tips will help you keep your scissor lift running smoothly.

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Pre-use inspections

Having pre-use inspections on scissor lifts before work begins can help ensure the safety of employees. These inspections help prevent equipment failure, which can lead to serious injury or death with JLG Motor Controller.


Pre-use inspections on scissor/aerial lifts include a thorough evaluation of each component. This includes the safety system, emergency controls, and hydraulic systems. The inspector also checks for proper ventilation.

The inspection should be documented with photos and annotations. The records should be kept by management, so that they can be reviewed in the event of an accident. A checklist can be created, and workers can perform inspections using a mobile device.

Pre-use inspections on scissor/aerial/mobile elevating work platforms should be performed before each use, but this is not always possible. Many larger businesses have a person who performs in-house inspections.

This is a great way to make sure that employees are trained in the correct procedures. A scissor lift operator's manual is a great resource to know which components need inspection. You can also customize a checklist based on the manufacturer's instructions.

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Function tests

Using function tests on scissor lifts before work begins is an important step to prevent accidents and ensure safety on the jobsite. It is important to check for hydraulic leaks, wear and tear on the hoses, and check emergency stops.

In addition to safety equipment, the scissor lift such as Scissor Lift Joystick must be properly positioned. Before the lift is raised, all personnel must be cleared from the area around the platform.

When the lift is lowered, the brakes must be engaged. The lift shall never exceed its load limits. In addition, the lift must never be operated on a grade that exceeds the manufacturer's recommendations.

It is important to check for signs that are missing or illegible. If the signs are missing, they should be replaced or repaired.

When the scissor lift is operated, it should be kept away from other hazards, such as overhead obstacles, high-voltage conductors, and sloped or slippery surfaces. It should also be kept away from other vehicles and other ground-level hazards.

Proper training

Having proper training for scissor lift before work begins is crucial to the safety of workers. It is a well-known fact that working at heights is a hazard and that the correct training can help prevent injuries.

Scissor lifts are essential to a number of construction jobs. But they are also a hazard when operated incorrectly. In fact, an OSHA study revealed that the majority of scissor lift injuries stem from the employer failing to address safety issues.

To keep your employees safe, you must implement in-house safety procedures that meet or exceed OSHA's requirements. This program should include procedures that ensure scissor lifts are properly positioned and maintained. You should also implement procedures that keep your employees from using improper personal protection.

In addition to proper training, you should also use scissor lifts only when necessary. You should also avoid working at heights in poor weather. A scissor lift should not be moved higher than five feet above the surface supporting it. The lift should also be moved as close to the base as possible.

Preventive maintenance

Performing preventive maintenance on scissor lifts as well as Electronic Control Unit before work begins is a critical step to maintaining safety. Preventive maintenance allows you to detect problems early and fix them before they cause costly breakdowns. It also helps prevent accidents and injuries.

Heavy equipment like scissor lifts should be inspected daily and maintained according to manufacturer's recommendations. Maintenance software can help you keep track of maintenance dates and compare repair costs.

Scissor lift maintenance includes visual inspections, a full review of safety devices, and emergency controls. Performing preventive maintenance ensures maximum performance. It also helps prevent accidents on the jobsite.

Daily inspections can catch problems early. When equipment malfunctions, workers should immediately report problems. The maintenance team can then fix them immediately, rather than causing a critical failure.

Before the start of each work shift, aerial workers should be trained on how to perform thorough inspections. This training can help employees avoid personal errors and improve compliance with federal and state regulations.

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