The Hows of Blogging: 4 Tips You Need to Remember Before You Start

The Hows of Blogging: 4 Tips You Need to Remember Before You Start
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17 August 2022

With everyone making their way online for information, blogs are one of the primary ways that people gain knowledge on anything from cooking to shopping to sports and anything else you can imagine! The big question to consider is “How do I start and make my blog stand out?” If you are looking for ways to draw readers in and keep them coming back for more, you have come to the right article!

One of the ways you can optimize your new blog is by using Sonary to help find resources to create your perfect blog. You can hit up a single website to get information on all kinds of resources (like graphic design, inventory management, website builders, etc.) instead of taking a few hours tracking down each one. With more time to spare, you can ensure that you can focus on making your blog the highest quality it can be! Today we are going to cover 4 MAJOR tips you need to know before starting your blog. Now, it is time to learn something new!

  1. Getting started. When making the jump to start a blog, there will be several very important things to consider: your blog name, your blogging platform, design theme, and what you will be writing about.

    1. For your blog name, you will want it to be catchy enough to catch the eye but also related to your writing niche. As an example, if you have a food-related blog you should choose a blog name that will play to that.

    2. Selecting your blogging platform can make a huge impact on the success of your blog. There are so many free options out there to choose from, each of which comes with free design options. Do not be afraid of the hosting sites that will help you manage the tech side of your blog. It is easy to learn, and so important to your blog being a hit that you should take the time to master it.

    3. Choosing a design theme for your blog will help you make the blog your own from a visual standpoint. If you are not a coder, and most of us bloggers are not, having a pre-made theme will make sure that your blog looks exactly how you envision it. You will also have to be willing to adjust your theme with the times and needs of your audience.

    4. Now for the meat of your blog: your niche/topic! When you came up with the idea for your blog, you clearly had a topic that you were passionate enough about to want to share it with the world. Choosing a topic that you have experience in or an interest in will be a great way to ensure that you will post well and post often. Picking a specific niche and sticking with it will also help the search engines find you and get you views.

  2. Be authentic. This plays into Part D of the last section, and that comes with being true to yourself as you post. Your readers will appreciate it when you share more about yourself through posts or an “about you” section on your main page. Your about me section should help your readers get to know who you are as a person and build a stronger connection. When you are writing, you should be sure to stay in the most authentic style possible. There is absolutely no need to try to sound like any other blogger because that blogger already exists. Just be YOU. Your readers will be able to sense if you are not being honest with them in your blogs, and they will start to lose interest. Once you find your voice and your flow, your readers will notice and appreciate your sincerity.

  3. Make interaction a priority. You want a successful blog? Get people talking! You should encourage your readers to interact with you on your page, both with your content and with each other. You can also talk yourself up on social media, having friends do the same. Create an easy-to-access comment section for each of your posts, giving space for your readers to share their opinions. Ask for feedback, encourage a sense of community, respond to your readers and any of their questions, and just (to quote Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) be excellent to each other!

  4. Stick to a schedule. The biggest key to a successful blog is consistency and dedication. You can become incredibly successful doing this, monetarily or otherwise, but it will take time to perfect and get into the swing of a weekly posting schedule.

    1. As you start, get an idea of how often you can write and post. Aim for at least 2 times a week as a starting point. It helps if you can batch write posts and take at least one day a week to brainstorm ideas. Any time you have an idea for a post, write it down!

    2. Build up your platform over time. If you stay consistent and intentional, you can build up a recognizable brand.

    3. Make sure you have the time…better yet, make sure you make the time. If you are serious about having a successful blog, you will need to put in the time to make it work.

    4. Speaking of time, remember to take the time with each blog post to think through a couple things. Firstly, proofread closely! Every time, no excuses (Grammarly is free, folks, and very useful). Secondly, think about whether your post will be adding something to your readers’ lives.

Remember: the only way to get started is just to START! Get that blog set up and that first post written, then hit that publish button. It is by far the scariest part, but it is also the only way to go forward. Hopefully, you have learned something useful while reading this article, and we wish you all of the success in your blogging journey!

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