The Importance of Advertising on Social Media in Dubai

The Importance of Advertising on Social Media in Dubai
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30 December 2022

Of the more than 3 billion users of social media, more than 1.5 billion people use it to search for and buy products online. With this steady rise of users, social media marketing has emerged as the fastest path to the success of online brands. So, we have decided to take advantage of social media accounts to promote our business, so we don’t miss out on a unique opportunity that has a significant impact on the success rate of our project. But do we have the skills that enable us to manage social networking accounts professionally? The answer is NO.

We left this job to Code Guru, the experts in social media management to handle our social media accounts which includes the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing and sharing various content on different social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Provided that its objectives are consistent with the primary objectives of the project. With the aim of introducing the target audience to the brand, providing new perspectives that help develop and promote content, and increase sales.

As for Code Guru, they performed the task of managing accounts by publishing various content (texts, photos, videos, etc.), following up and analyzing performance, and responding to inquiries and comments of followers. They also developed strategies for e-marketing campaigns, implemented them and collected and analyzed the results of data from those campaigns.

It can be said that Code Guru acted as an official representative of the brand, sharing its ideas, values ​​​​and what it offers to the target audience; with the aim of increasing brand awareness, attracting more new customers, and providing distinguished service to existing customers, not to mention promoting the brand's services or products and increasing sales. Regardless of the size of the project, managing social media platforms requires a number of basic tasks:

  • Create accounts bearing the name of the brand on the various social media accounts, work on developing these accounts, and clarify the purpose of creating them by adding project details in a clear and understandable way to the target audience.
  • Develop promotional plans that positively affect the percentage of accounts reaching a larger number of customers; what helps achieve the goal of its establishment.

The tasks of managing social networking sites are not easy but Code Guru Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai had the required skills and personality to excel in handling our social media accounts. They have an innovative creative mindset that presented ideas in distinctive ways, and has a scientific curiosity that drove us to continuous learning, research in this field of work, and follow-up on the latest developments in it in order to develop our accounts performance, and they adapted to work pressure according to our pages requirements at any time.

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