The Korean Government Creates a Database to Track the Travels of Engineers to avoid Chip Technology Leaks.

The Korean Government Creates a Database to Track the Travels of Engineers to avoid  Chip Technology Leaks.
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12 February 2022

According to research, there have been 397 instances of technology leakage in South Korea during the previous five years. The bulk of the 112 previously investigated trade secret leaks was linked to semiconductor and display technology.

Fundamental technological leaks are becoming more common in South Korea, which will have a substantial impact on high-tech companies like Samsung Electronics. According to South Korean law, leaking the country's important technologies to the outside world might have serious implications for national security and economic development.

As a result, stopping technological leaks is a top concern for the Korean government. The Korean government intends to meet its goal of creating an engineering database in order to decrease the number of such incidents.

Furthermore, anybody who violates trade secret legislation in South Korea will face harsher penalties, including three years in prison or more for those who leak information to international firms.

As a result of mergers and acquisitions, the Korean government is also concerned about the prospect of technology leakage. Foreign companies that control more than 50% of the equity in Korean companies with cutting-edge technology are now required to be scrutinized. The Korean government intends to cut this threshold to 30%.

The US government and corporations are similarly concerned about the leakage of semiconductor technology. The US, on the other hand, is too anxious about crucial technology flowing to China.

In Shanghai, Micron has a DRAM design team of 150 individuals. According to reports, certain essential workers may be eligible for transfer and family immigration to the United States or India.

According to corporate employees and industry experts, Micron dissolved its DRAM design team in Shanghai, China, to reduce brain drain and knowledge leaks. Micron did not provide an explanation for their decision.

According to a business employee, Micron had already divulged it internally a month before the public release. Micron took the choice because numerous large Chinese technology companies had hired former workers and management, and Micron was concerned about technology. Knowledge is no longer available.

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