The Language Of Desire (Felicity Keith's Dirty Words)

The Language Of Desire (Felicity Keith's Dirty Words)
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11 October 2023

It is not uncommon for women to have issues with their men, whether they are married or not. For women, having a partner lose interest in you is possibly one of the most demeaning situations one can ever endure. This is because, in most cases, it makes you feel undesirable and unwanted. But did you know that you have the power to prevent such from ever happening to you? We’re all aware that words have an enticing power. They have the ability to sustain a relationship for a long time. Words, on the other hand, have the ability to end a relationship. Words have enormous power. No matter how attractive or seductive you are, you may not be capable of arousing your boyfriend until you are good with words. Felicity has devoted herself to helping women all over the world rekindle the relationship with their partners to create long-lasting happy relationships. Felicity started doing as much research as she could to understand relationships, men’s psychology, and ways to strengthen your relationship through communication. What does last is being able to drive a man wild just by communication. 

Felicity Keith is the creator of sex and relationship program The Language of Desire. Felicity is now an in-demand sex coach, and a regular contributor at Digital Romance, Inc. – Michael Fiore’s company. The Language of Desire is packed with secrets that thousands of women around the world have used to turn on their man: in ways, he’s never experienced before. Language Of Desire is a step-by-step system that will not leave any questions unanswered. This has been tested on the lives of many different women. It is meant for any woman, at any age, in any stage of her relationship. Your man will start to come to you, and only you, in order to feel the high that you give him. You will make him feel happy, satisfied, and connected to you like never before and increase the satisfaction in your relationship and your life. 

The general notion of the book is that it is for women who are in a long term relationship. However, even if you are in the dating stage, learning this program will be a really great help. Unlike other courses, it does not have scientific and medical terms to complicate your understanding. In addition to the guide, there are also three bonus materials that you can enjoy. These are Silent Seduction, The Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty, and Unstoppable Confidence. It’s for the woman who is tired of being shy of her own sexual needs, who is tired of not knowing what to say, how to say it, what to do, how to do it. It’s for every woman who wants to keep her man monogamous for life. Who wants to satisfy the sexual craving of her man, while satisfying her own desire. The Language of desire dig deep into the male psychological mind and reveals how men think, why they think the way they do and how you can take advantage of that and keep your man happy for life.

Whether you are currently in a relationship and wanting to strengthen it or a single woman who wants to get back in the game, this book provides valuable information you can use. All the tips in this book are aimed towards leveraging the power of words so that your man can become sexually attracted to you once again. The approach is based on a scientific study that identifies four important chemicals that are released when attraction is present: dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen/oxytocin. Knowing how these hormones function enables a person to use this information to his advantage by inducing the release of the same hormones in the man they are interested in. The Language of Desire promises to bring a sexy spark back into your relationship – no matter how long you have been together with your partner. If you are feeling like the tenderness, flirtation and romance has drained out of your relationship over the years – this is the perfect book for you.

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