The Long March

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Please wait here and have a rest. I'll go and have a look and come back. Then he galloped along the hillside along a road. When he came to a place where there was deep snow, he looked around to see if there were any footprints going up or down. Seeing that there were no footprints on the road, he quickly turned around and said, "Everyone, everything is all right, God bless us, because we can attack them suddenly without their knowledge.". Now I will lead the cavalry ahead, so that if I see anyone, I will not let him miss to inform the enemy. Keep up with me, and if you lag behind, follow the trail of the horse. As soon as we cross the mountain, we will come to many prosperous villages. By noon he had reached the heights, and when he saw the village below, he galloped to the heavily armored infantry and said,plastic bottle making machine, Now, I'm going to let the cavalry gallop down the plain and send light troops to attack the village. Please follow as quickly as you can so that you can deal with any resistance. At this, Xenophon dismounted. Setters asked, "Why are you dismounting? Is it urgent?"? Xenophon replied, "I know I'm not the only one you need.". If I were on foot,juice filling machine, I would run faster and more excitedly with heavy armor. So Seth went away, and Timason followed with about forty horsemen of the Greeks. Then Xenophon gave the order that the nimble soldiers under the age of thirty should come out of their companies to the front. He himself ran with the soldiers. The rest were led by Cleano. When they reached these villages, Seth came to him with about thirty horsemen and said, Xenophon, as you said. These fellows were caught; but unfortunately my horsemen ran on helpless and scattered in pursuit. I am afraid that the enemy will gather together somewhere and harm me. On the other hand, some of us have to stay in the village to take care of it, because there are many people inside. Replied Xenophon, "Well, I myself with my troops will take the heights; tell Cleano to spread his troops across the plains and hold the villages.". When this was done, a thousand captives, water filling machine ,CSD filling line, two thousand large animals, and ten thousand small animals were collected. Then they camped out on the spot. Volume VII IV The next day Setus burned the villages to the ground, leaving nothing behind, in order to frighten the rest of the enemy, who would suffer the same fate if they did not subdue him. Then he turned back. Then he sent Heraclid to Perintus to sell the loot in order to pay the soldiers. Setas himself and the Greek army camped on the plains of Tinea, where the inhabitants had abandoned their homes and fled to the mountains. The snow on the plain was so thick, and the weather was so cold, that the water for food and the wine in the jugs were frozen, and many of the Greek soldiers' noses and ears were frozen. Then it became clear why the Thracians wore fox fur caps to cover their heads and ears, robes not only to protect their chests but also to cover their waists and legs, and why they wore robes to their feet when riding horses instead of ordinary cloaks. Then Seth sent some of the captives away to the mountains, saying that if the Tinians did not come down to the plains and obey him, he would burn the villages and their food and starve them to death. So the women and the children and the old people did come down. But the young camped out in the villages below. Hearing this, Setas ordered Xenophon to follow him with the youngest of the heavily armored infantry. They got up during the night and reached the villages at the crack of dawn. Most of the villagers fled because they were close to the mountain. But Setas killed all the men he had captured without mercy. There was an Olympian named Epithenius who was very fond of page boys. When he saw a beautiful boy in his prime with a light shield about to be executed, he ran to Xenophon and begged him to save the beautiful boy. So Xenophon went to Setus and asked him to spare the child from death, and told him the song of the heart of Epitenes. He Setas, with his fastest force (his cavalry), had come forward again, and was now aware of the danger of not being supported by the infantry. English translator's note He had raised a battalion of men, with an eye to the selection of handsome men, and he led it with great courage. "Would you rather die for the sake of this beautiful boy?" Saites asked Epitenes? Then Epitenes stretched out his neck and said, "Please kill, as long as this boy is willing to be killed by you, and be grateful to me.". Setus asked the boy if he could kill Epitenes instead. The boy refused and begged him to avoid killing both of them. So Epitenes embraced the boy and said, "Then, Setus, you must fight with me for the boy. I can't bear to part with him.". Setters laughed and let it go. But he decided to build a camp on the spot to prevent the people on the mountain from getting food from the village. So he himself came down the hill in silence and camped on the plain, while Xenophon, with his chosen troops, was stationed in the uppermost village below the hill, and the rest of the Greek army was stationed among the Thracians, known as mountain people, nearby. After a short time,Edible oil filling machine, the Thracians on the mountain came down to negotiate a truce with Setus and the enjoyment of the hostages. Xenophon came to tell Setas that his soldiers were living in poor conditions and that the enemy was close by. He said that he would rather camp and camp in a dangerous place than live in a house and risk being destroyed. But Setas told him not to be afraid and showed him the hostages the enemy had given him. At the same time, some of the people on the mountain did come down and asked Xenophon himself to help make a truce. He agreed to do so, telling them not to be afraid and that they would not be harmed if they obeyed Seth. But it turned out that they were just saying that to spy on the situation.

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