The Surprising Technology Behind CSGO Gambling Sites

The Surprising Technology Behind CSGO Gambling Sites
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05 December 2022

These sites are no joke, because they require advanced technology to work properly and offer their clients the security they require. We were fascinated by it because it incorporates a lot of elements that require careful planning and perfect execution. Come with us to discover the awesome world of the technology behind CSGO gambling sites.

What programming language do they use?

This will vary depending on the CSGO gambling site we are discussing, but a large number of them use the following programming languages for each one of the areas of their platforms:

  • Front End: Angular
  • Back End: Node
  • Caching: Redis
  • Back End Storage: RethinkDB
  • Real time updates (client): SocketIO
  • Deployment: AWS

Coding, designing and launching a CSGO gambling site is an extremely complex task - because you are basically setting up an online casino that will process real money and items worth cash, in this case, cases, skins and items. 

It requires professionals for each of the areas, because you need someone who’s well-versed on Angular for the front end, but also someone with years of experience to successfully deploy the back end with Node. And the deployment will require a professional with experience working with containers.

How do they generate random results in games?

The majority of CS:GO gambling sites use Provably Fair to generate random results in their games. The use of this technology not only makes the game random but also transparent, because all the results are logged in their blockchain.

How does it work?

The system requires three elements to work: a public seed, a server seed, and the ID of the game. This is how the CSGO gambling sites generate random for all the games they offer.

Basically, you need a server seed to “open” the public seed and such will be tagged with the ID of the game. The system works automatically and all the results will be logged in the corresponding blockchain.

What problems do they face?

The CSGO gambling industry faces very specific and dangerous challenges, such as hacks, data breaches, scaling issues and even attempts to manipulate markets of skins. Let’s review them in detail so that we can understand all the challenges that the tech for CS:GO gambling has to address and confront. 


CSGO gambling sites are subject to hacking attempts because they represent money, especially when it comes to skins, because you can sell them for crypto and “easily” siphon it. The professionals in charge of creating and deploying CS:GO gambling sites need to take all the preventive measures to avoid hacking attacks, but they also require a team that constantly monitors the platform to repel or fix ongoing hacking attempts.


CSGO gambling sites report that scaling up the games is always a challenge. For example, iconic games like Crash tend to attract thousands of players available at the same time, which requires a smart use of the resources to provide everyone with a good user experience. 

Just like they require a team to address hacking attempts, they also need a team of professionals who can help the platform scale as the number of online players increases. 


There are users who will try to find errors in prices to exploit them. Such trades can make the CSGO gambling site lose thousands of dollars, and hence it’s critical to avoid such situations. The only way to accomplish it is by making sure that the APIs work properly, but once again, such a task requires a dedicated team that can monitor the platform.


Launching a CS:GO gambling and making it work require an exceptional degree of knowledge, experience and resources. Therefore, the technology behind these platforms is far more surprising than the majority of people would assume it is, because they need to take care of so many different areas to ensure that the users can enjoy a safe and fun gambling experience.

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