The top 13 fonts for Shopify stores

The top 13 fonts for Shopify stores
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The top 13 fonts for Shopify stores

Customers today want to locate what they're looking for as quickly as possible without having to sift through pages of unrelated goods and information. Customers can (and will) end their search with a click if they can't find what they're looking for or are just fed up with the browsing process.

Typography is one of the key elements that keeps website users' attention. Choosing the appropriate typeface can have an impact on your brand's image and even help you better communicate your message.

The best typefaces for your Shopify store, as well as several faults you should avoid making when selecting a font, are both covered in this post. Let's go right to the specifics now.


Since 1957, Helvetica has been in use. Since it belongs to the sans-serif type family, there are no curves at the end of the letters' strokes. It's a traditional font that has since been divided into other subtypes, including Helvetica lite, rounded, and others. Major corporations frequently utilize the straightforward Helvetica font for their logos and marketing materials.


Garamond is an aging typeface with a retro vibe. It can be read simply and is ideal for body text in printed books. Your website will have a classic feel if you use this font, and to some individuals each letter might resemble an engraving.


The safest font to pick is certainly Arial, which is also the one that most people use for typography. Arial is known as Arial MT on some devices or word processors. They haven't changed at all; they are identical.

This font comes in a variety of subtypes, all of which are simple to read. It is a member of the sans-serif font family. Without any form of line at the end of each letter, a font is said to be sans serif. The fact that this font is well-known and included in the operating system of all Microsoft devices is a plus. Additionally, this typeface is easily recognized by iOS and Android.

Messenger Family

There are two branches of the courier family: courier and courier new. The latter is the most generally used variant nowadays. Due to the consistent spacing between each character, the typeface is simple to read. This typeface does not have wider widths like many others do. Howard Kettler created it in this manner in 1955.

Computers and web browsers are both familiar with the courier family, so when they access a page that uses this typeface, nothing is changed. It has been around for a long time. Initially utilized in IBM typewriters, it was later widely used in personal computers as well.


Many font specialists see Verdana as a true web typeface. The typeface is simple and large enough for rapid reading. If you look closely, you'll notice that the letters have been slightly lengthened to make them easier to read on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Verdana is currently concentrating on PCs and mobile devices. And with good reason—it was created by and for Microsoft.

Roman Times New

This font is a tiny variant of the Times font (one of the oldest fonts). It is frequently used and instantly identifiable in newspapers and periodicals all around the world. People from all around the world won't have any trouble reading the many novels published in this font.

Because Time Magazine commissioned the design of this font in 1931, that is why it was given the name Times. Although the magazine no longer uses it, newspaper ads and books continue to frequently utilize it as a body text.

Similar to Times New Roman in appearance is Bookman Bookman. The Old Style Bookman is yet another name for it. For exhibition typography and commercial printing, it has been widely utilized. Although its origins can be found in the 1850s, it became immensely popular in the 1960s. You can use a thinner version of Bookman for body text, but it works best as a header.

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