The Toughest PC Games of 2022

The Toughest PC Games of 2022
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29 September 2022

Looking for a challenge? Not all games are created equal when it comes to difficulty. Some gamers want to be pushed to their limits, whether it be a super difficult boss fight or a perplexing puzzle. Luckily 2022 is full of tough games that will have you on your computer all day long trying to master them.

This dungeon crawler has players taking on the role of Zagreus, the fictional son of Hades. You are tasked with escaping Tartarus. But it’s not too easy. This roguelike game has you start all over from the beginning every time you die, making it quite punishing. However, every time you start over on your journey, you will keep Zagreus’ resources and experience. This makes it easier to push through the earlier levels. Still, the game is tougher than hell.

This run-and-gun platformer has some of the most stunning animation we’ve seen in a recent game. It resembles the classic cartoons from the 1930s and 1940s, giving it a unique charm. While it may look cartoonish, Cuphead is one of the toughest platformers available! Every boss battle features an interesting, old-school boss that is a bit frustrating to beat. You’ll have to memorize a variety of attack schemes and patterns in order to defeat them, making this the perfect game for people who love rhythm games and platformers. Just hope your fingers don’t cramp up!

Darkest Dungeon
This dungeon-crawling game is unlike any other in the genre. You’ll be transported to a gritty medieval world where you take on the role of an adventurer looking for treasure underneath a sprawling mansion. This roguelite game isn’t as straightforward as others in the genre since you have to deal with hunger, stress, and other complications that create stress conditions and make the battles even tougher.

Dark Souls
Dark Souls was the start of this challenging genre, defining an era of intense and challenging games. Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3 are all pretty similar to each other when it comes to gameplay and difficulty, although they take place in different locations.

So what makes Dark Souls so iconic when it comes to hard games? The boss fights are some of the hardest out there and the levels are almost exhausting thanks to dangerous enemies hidden within the scenery. And if you ever take a rest to refill your health, all of the slain enemies will come back to life. This game takes a lot of planning to get through without screaming.

Elden Ring
This game has been compared to Dark Souls for a reason. First, it’s made by the same developer, FromSoftware. And second, it’s just as difficult, if not even tougher. The game is quite punishing, making it difficult for people new to the Dark Souls-style gameplay. Still, it’s seen as the team’s best game thus far so it’s worth a try if you’re up for the challenge.

Sekiro: Die Twice
Taking place in Feudal Japan, this game has you playing as Sekiro, a shinobi from the Edo period. The unique setting includes mystical enemies from Japanese mythology. Aside from the new location, however, Sekiro is similar to Dark Souls when it comes to its difficulty. A lot of the levels are brutal but this makes it all the more rewarding when you take down a punishing enemy.

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