The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Wedding Shoes for Your Special Day

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Wedding Shoes for Your Special Day
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When you are thinking about your wedding outfit, footwear can be the last thing that you consider, yet those are the most important factor included in completing your look. The footwear has the power to make as well as break the image. Therefore, choosing bridal shoes is indeed an important task. The hunt for top-class bridal shoes might take as much time as that of selecting your wedding gown. Here are certain points that need to be followed when selecting the best shoes to wear on your special day.

First and foremost, comes the comfort:

As these pairs are the ones that will be worn for a very long period of time, therefore, wearing comfortable shoes can be considered a necessity. Uncomfortable shoes will make your heel pain and leave blisters if worn for a longer period of time, on the other hand, comforting shoes will allow you to enjoy the party and dance the night away in a flow.

Type of heels:

There are various types of heels available for wedding shoes, and you need to choose the best pair for yourself. Heels like wedges, stilettos, pumps, and front open heels are the ones that can also be opted for. Do not feel shy to try them the maximum times unless and until those get fitted perfectly. Bridal shoes should neither be too fit, or too loose therefore selecting them meticulously is important factor.

Height of the heel:

The wedding footwear come in different height and starting from ballet shoes to 6 inch height, choose them as per your need. As you are going to spend the maximum time in it, therefore selecting the heel height is indeed important so that you can be comfortable in it and spend the entire day with a smile. If you are o in normal heels then do go for them or else long heels can be a no problem if they make you feel happy and comforting for the entire time. However, if you are not a pro in high heels, do not sore your feet with blisters dear!!!

Try it before:

With a belief of wedding shoes do not be a fool to keep them untouched before the wedding day. Keep in mind not to be a first-timer on that day. Try out your shoes before and walk on them to get comfortable with its that you can spend the entire day wearing the same pair. Invest in shoes that can be repeated and would look flawless starting from wedding till dinner or even gala dance nights.   


The color of the wedding shoes for bride will definitely match the color of the gown that you have chosen. Off-white or white is the most opted color. Yet “something blue” never goes out of fashion when considering style and fashion. Be sure to choose a pair of footwear that compliments and gives subtle details about the designer gown and the bouquet bag that you are carrying on your “d” day.

Choose the location:

When selecting the type of heel, think about the location first. If you are planning to settle your “d” day on some beach or field, then opting for high heels would be a big “no”. The bridal shoes that you choose to wear might pierce down the ground or the sand. In that case wedges or pumps are a better option. However, when planning your party on a solid plane then high heels would be a no-bar. Also, pay attention to the floor. If it’s slippery, do get heels that have a rough face. Avoid tripling down by your face on your big day.  

When selecting the best wedding shoes for your special day, then I would definitely suggest going through the collections of Freya Rose as they have a varied collection of pairs and definitely you would get something or the other to match your gown. The specially designed footwear will definitely complement the attire that you have thought of decking yourself up in.

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