The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Fallout 4 Terminal Passwords

The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Fallout 4 Terminal Passwords
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The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Fallout 4 Terminal Passwords

In the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4, players are often faced with the challenge of unlocking terminal passwords to access valuable information, security doors, and control systems. These terminals are a common feature throughout the game and can sometimes be quite tricky to navigate. This comprehensive guide will provide you with the essential knowledge and strategies to effectively unlock terminal passwords and make the most out of your Fallout 4 experience.

Understanding Terminal Basics

Terminals in Fallout 4 are electronic devices that allow you to interact with various systems such as security doors, turrets, and computer networks. fallout 4 terminal password To access these systems, you'll need to decipher the passwords using a mini-game called "Hacking." The goal of this mini-game is to find the correct password among a list of potential words, all while dealing with limited attempts and time pressure.

The Hacking Mini-Game

  1. Select a Terminal: Approach the terminal you wish to access and initiate the hacking mini-game. You will be presented with a screen containing a list of words, the same number of words as there are in the password.

  2. Guess a Word: Begin by selecting a word from the list. The terminal will respond with feedback about how similar your selected word is to the actual password. The feedback consists of two types: "Likeness" and "Number of Likenesses."

    • Likeness: This refers to how many letters in your chosen word match the letters in the correct password at the same position.

    • Number of Likenesses: This indicates how many letters in your chosen word match the letters in the correct password, regardless of their position.

  3. Elimination Strategy: Start by selecting a word with a few common letters, like "ING" or "ED," to gather information about the password. Once you receive feedback, eliminate words that don't match the given criteria. For instance, if the feedback is "Likeness 2," focus on words that share two letters with your original guess.

  4. Use Duds and Unlock Options: Occasionally, you might come across dud words in the list. Selecting a dud word will remove one of the incorrect passwords, increasing your chances of guessing the correct one. You might also find "Unlock" options that grant you additional attempts or even reset your remaining attempts.

  5. Password Discovered: As you narrow down the potential passwords using the process of elimination and matching likeness, you'll eventually uncover the correct password and gain access to the terminal's contents.

Strategies for Success

  1. Mind the Tries: You only have a limited number of attempts to guess the password correctly. Be strategic with your selections to maximize your chances of success.

  2. Common Endings: In Fallout 4, many words share common endings such as "-ING," "-ED," "-LY," etc. Starting with these endings can help you gather information about the password more quickly.

  3. Dud Removal: Prioritize selecting dud words to eliminate incorrect passwords from the list. This will not only increase your chances of guessing the correct password but also make the process faster.

  4. Use Perks: Certain perks, such as the "Hacker" perk, can make the hacking process easier by providing additional attempts or highlighting dud words and potential passwords.

Advantages of Hacking

Unlocking terminals through hacking in Fallout 4 can yield various benefits:

  1. Access to Information: Many terminals provide valuable lore, backstory, and information about the game's world, characters, and events.

  2. Control Systems: You can disable security measures, turrets, and robots to gain a tactical advantage.

  3. Security Doors: Access to restricted areas with valuable loot, secret passages, or shortcuts can greatly aid your exploration.


Mastering the art of unlocking terminal passwords in Fallout 4 adds a layer of depth and strategy to your gameplay. With a solid understanding of the hacking mini-game and effective strategies, you can confidently tackle terminals throughout the wasteland. Whether you're seeking critical information, aiming to disable security, or simply exploring hidden treasures, your newfound hacking skills will undoubtedly enhance your experience in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4.

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