The Youth of Kuldeep Gurjar"Moving Strong with Empowering Rural People Motto

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The Youth of Kuldeep Gurjar"Moving Strong with Empowering Rural People Motto

Kuldeep Gurjar has been dubbed a young politician, and is one of the most prominent figures for the Indian National Congress. Kuldeep as well as his entire family are actively engaged in politics and are committed to doing what is best for the community.


The Journey of Politician Kuldeep Gurjar - State Secretary Youth Congress Haryana

Kuldeep Gurjar represents the young representative for the Indian National Congress and the youth secretary of the Sohan Vidhan Sabha. Gurjar believes that doing his part for his nation and the society by providing the best benefit to rural communities. Gurjar is among the most dedicated members of the Congress party, who works all day and night to ensure the improvement of his people. He believes that everyone is a moral and social obligation to his community and the country. Gurjar assists in the improvement of rural areas as well as improving the living conditions of all people living there.

Kuldeep Gurjar - Key Points

Full Name - Kuldeep Gurjar

Birth - Haryana, India

Profession - Politician

Political Party - Indian National Congress (INC)

Joined - 2008

Area Served - Sohna Vidhan Sabha

Position - State Secretary Youth Congress Haryana

Positions Held - State Vice President OBC Department

Kuldeep Gurjar - Introduction to Politics

Kuldeep is part of a clan who has been involved in politics for quite a while. His family has three generations that have served in the nation and it wasn't that difficult for him to go into politics since his forefathers made a few things simpler for Kuldeep.

The Youth of Kuldeep Gurjar

Gurjar enjoys a strong political backing and this assists him in gain the trust and respect of the entire indigenous population.

Kuldeep Gurjar - Campaign

Kuldeep began his campaign in 2019 "Yuva Chale Gaon Gaon Kuldeep launched a campaign in 2019 ''Yuva Chale Gaon. Kuldeep believed that India is a country that belongs to the villages and that you only be able to appreciate the beauty of the land through eyes of farmer. His campaign was focused on the improvement of rural areas as well as improving living conditions of the village inhabitants.


It brought together youths from village and made them feel encouraged to avail the full benefits of the schemes and programmes of the government. The campaign has been carried out in more than 100 villages.


Kuldeep Gurjar - Taking forward Bapu's dream

Gurjar is among the adherents of Mahatama Gandhi. He is a believer in the implementation of his philosophy. Bapu believed in the development of the village. The Bapu believe in working at the bottom up and in educating the people on various topics.


Kuldeep Gurjar - Encouraged Sports

Kuldeep has also been organizing a variety of sporting events throughout the year in the rural regions. Haryana has a lot of potential in sports. A lot of people have been awarded medals at international competitions which include the Olympics. Gurjar inspires them to take part in sports and earn medals for their country.


Kuldeep Gurjar - Areas Worked On

Kuldeep has worked on a number of regions while keeping the his rural development goals in mind. Some of the locations that he is particularly focused on include:


Youth Development

Women Empowerment

Child care services in his neighborhood

The company was established in Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSME) stitching in the middle

Programs for scholarships and tuition centers for children

Eye and health checks for free.

Camps to donate blood for free

Wedding ceremony in mass.

Organizes Kanwar camp

Free water tankers

Kuldeep Gurjar - Fans and Following

Kuldeep is a frequent social media user. And He makes sure to update regularly on his social media platforms. He communicates with his friends and keeps them up to date on all things political.


Instagram is a popular social media platform. He has over four thousand people following him on Instagram and more than 1,000 posts.

On Facebook, he has more than 4000 fans on Facebook.

Kuldeep Gurjar - Political Idol

Kuldeep is now a political model for thousands of youngsters at this young age. He has been a tireless advocate to improve the lives of his community and their living conditions. He is certainly one of the most effective political leaders in Haryana who works to benefit the residents of the village.

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