Thinking to buy a used phone? Let’s first see these pros & cons

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Thinking to buy a used phone? Let’s first see these pros & cons

A smartphone consumer today wants the maximum out of his deal. He is well aware of his requirements and wants a mobile phone that is affordable, useful, and sustainable too. In short, he wants his money’s true worth in every word. Thankfully, a Used phone in Pakistan provides him with all that and more. In this article, we take a detailed look at Used phones, including their pros and cons, to help you make an informed decision.

What is a Used phone?

First, let us see define what is a Used phone because there is still a great deal of ambiguity around it. Used phones have been around for quite some time, and in recent times, their popularity is hitting new highs. A Used phone is a pre-owned handset that has been restored to its pre-sold position and resold at a discount with a new warranty.

The extent and degree of Used:

A notable point here is that there is no standard Used process. It varies from one company to the other. The original phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung do a pretty extensive Used and change every faulty component, replace batteries, and revamp the exterior. Their Used phones mostly fall into the “Like-new” category.

Other companies do a cosmetic Usedt comprising mere cleaning, wiping off the previous owner’s data, and sprucing up the exterior. That is why a consumer needs to be wary of where he is buying the phone and look at the Used phone’s grading. Because there are no universal laid-down Used practices, one company’s “Excellent” refurbished phone could be another company’s “Average”. Ask for the details of the Used process (usually mentioned by the seller on the phone) and then make a decision.

Pros of Used phones:

We will now highlight the benefits of Used phones that make them popular with consumers.


They present an economical option:

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Used phones is their price. They are available at a much lower price than brand new phones because they are used and also defective to some extent, so these factors considerably reduce their worth.

Quality checked and approved:

A Used phone has been checked for any possible error that it might have. It includes both hardware and software issues. The technicians check them for any fault and only approve them for resale after the phone is fit for use in every respect.

Shop with confidence:

Most of the refurbished phones come with a renewed warranty. However, it depends on where you are buying the product. For example, manufacturers like Apple and Samsung assign new warranties to all their rUsed products. Likewise, third-party resellers of Used phones that care about their reputation also provide warranty on their offerings.

A green initiative:

The carbon footprint of producing a new phone is much higher than that of a Used one. Plus, using water, metals, and other precious resources to produce a new one is saved when you buy a Used one. You also do your bit to reduce the piles of e-waste that otherwise fill landfill sites worldwide.

An economically sane thing to do:

Mobile phones lose their value more quickly than we would want them to. Manufacturers keep coming up with new models periodically. And, with the launch of every new model, the price of the old one goes down considerably. Going by the continuously increasing price of new phones, this drop translates into a lot of consumer value loss. In such a scenario, investing heavily in a new phone is not wise. Used phones present a viable and more practical option.

Cons of Used phones

There are two sides to every coin, so a Used phone and its benefits have their fair share of problems, and we discuss some of them below.

Non-standardized nature of Used:

As mentioned above, different companies have different processes and procedures that they adhere to under Used. It can be problematic for the consumer. Therefore, one should buy only from a trusted source.

Lack of warranty and return policy:

Not every seller of Used phones gives a warranty. It should ring alarm bells for the consumer because such products will most likely be problematic and cause trouble in the long run.

It is easy to con the consumer:

Many sellers sell low-quality phones under the garb of Used phones. They grade them higher than their actual worth and deceive the consumer. It is also very hard to verify the claims of the seller. For example, you cannot tell if the Used phones’ batteries are changed. You will have to believe what the seller tells you.

Buying the Used phones:

From the disadvantages of Used phones, it is evident that the seller is vital in the whole process. Therefore, try to buy Used phones directly from the manufacturer if you can easily access them from your area of residence. Otherwise, choose the seller that gives you the best service and benefits.

Wise Market Pakistan is a reliable and reputed seller of Used phones. Various popular smartphone brands are available in refurbished, new, and used categories. It gives a a 14-day money-back guarantee, and active after-sale customer support. The in-house team of technicians also works painstakingly to provide top-notch refurbishment. You can give it a try.


That is all on the topic of the advantages and disadvantages of Used phones. We hope you will find it useful and informative. Used phones should be your choice when going for a new phone. Their benefits far outweigh their drawbacks, so always opt for them.

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