This Minecraft Mod Transforms Mobs into Lego-like Figures

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Someone has created a Minecraft mod that transforms the building game into the Lego game you've always wanted to play. It's logical since Minecraft is all about building and Lego is a toy all about the same subject. Both focus on imagination and allow your imagination be free and come up with whatever you can think of. They are a good match which is why we wrote about this fantastic Minecraft piston that was built entirely out of Lego.

We also briefly mentioned a Redditor whose name is Cirelectric who posted an image showing off zombies dressed in the style of Lego minifigures that you can play. It was cute however Cirelectric now has an entire mod pack for this kind of. The mod is available for download by you if you wish. It provides you with an updated skin for the majority of Minecraft mobs.

It's a cute pack that has one mob that is an eldritch nightmare. Gaming You might expect that to be the Enderman however, you're wrong; it's the pig. In what we can only assume is an artistic decision that we humans can't understand, the pigs are equipped with humanoid arms, but they still crawl across the floor. It's certainly something to behold and if you're looking for a still image that'll haunt your dreams, take a look at image 13 on the post or just follow this link.

Now that we've shared that terror with you, it's likely that you'll never be able to sleep again. There are plenty of jokes along the same lines in the comments, however Cirelectric seems to be taking it in their stride. We've got a huge amount of respect for the amount of effort that this kind of thing requires but we're also a bit scared.

This YouTuber's Pac-Man version will provide you with a bit more terror in Minecraft. If you're seeking a bit of a challenge from the big bosses in the game, then this mod should have you covered.

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