This Minecraft Stranger Things Build Is Excellent

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Minecraft doesn't have any official Stranger Things DLC, at least not as of yet, but it was only a matter of time until people began building things based on the Netflix show in the end. It's not like horror is a complete contradiction to what Minecraft is about; just stumble across the mighty Warden and you'll see that's the case, but it's still hard to make things genuinely creepy in such an adorable game.

Redditors Fiki and Biki, Redditors from Reddit have decided to construct the Creel House using Voxels. They used Reddit to post up some photos of the construction, and the photo editing on the first image really adds a sense of unease to the whole thing. You can view the build on YouTube If you're interested.

Editing has left a lot of the edge imbued, but small things like the removal of leaves from The Upside Down version help greatly. Some players suggested it would be a great idea to create a portal to the nether in an overworld location and then travel through it. Then recreate the house in the area perfectly. This is a fantastic way to recreate the show and it is just a solid idea for a map that is unique.

It requires a lot of energy to recreate things perfectly. Imagine a journey through scenes from the show, both in the nether and overworld. The scenes are all identical, minus the different enemies. It would be a terrifying experience.
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