Three New Hotels Opening In Makkah

Arabs have had the honour of being the guardians of Islam since the beginning of the religion. They are responsible for keeping the two holiest mosques on earth in good shape: Masjid al Haram in Makkah and Masjid-un-Nabawi SAWW in Madinah. If you really want to visit these place you have to book Cheap umrah packages Birmingham. The Arabs took on the job with all their hearts and have been working hard to show that they are the right people to do it.

The Hajj and Umrah are the most important and largest gatherings in the world. Every day, thousands of Muslims come to the Hoy Kabah to do the holy rituals of Umrah. It's hard for the government to keep track of so many people, but the Ministry of Hajj and the Saudi government have done a great job of it. Taking this into account, the Saudi Arabian government and the Jabal Omar Development Company have decided to build three new hotels for pilgrims as close as possible to Haram Shareef and the holy Kabah. Pilgrims who used to have to walk for miles to get to the Grand Mosque will now be able to stay very close to it. It will not only save the pilgrims valuable time, but it will also save them energy. Pilgrims were happy about the decision and said it was a great way to improve the facilities in Makkah for pilgrims. The pilgrims will find it very easy to do their Umrah at these hotels.

Conrad Makkah:

This hotel was built by the Jabal Omar development for the convenience of pilgrims so they could easily find a place to stay near Haram Sharif. When pilgrims book the Conrad hotel for umrah, they can expect more comfort and ease than in the past. It is the best hotel in terms of location because it is close to the house of Allah SWT. In the plan for Jabal Omar, there are 496 rooms to be built in the hotel so that more and more pilgrims can take advantage of the chance to stay closer to their destinations. It's a good organisation because, while it was being built, it paid attention to the needs and wants of the pilgrims and took care of their needs. So, they put in 4 meeting rooms and a lounge to help the pilgrims as quickly as possible. This hotel has everything you need, so your holy journey will be much more pleasant. You can eat in nice, comfortable restaurants and pray in prayer halls that are comfortable and have air conditioning. It helps you get over any tiredness you might have felt while you were in the holy Kabah and doing holy rituals. You will experience fine services and enjoy your entire cruise.

Abraj Al Tayseer:


The holy city of Makkah is where Abraj Al Tayseer was built. It's because Al Majid Al Arabiah and Inter-Continental Hotel made a deal and signed it. This beautiful hotel can house a lot of pilgrims. The building has 5 towers and about 5,154 rooms that are all set up. It is 10 minutes away by car from the holy Kabah. It has free parking, a front desk that is open 24 hours a day, a safe, free Wi-Fi, extra chairs and a table in the rooms, a big room, and a clean bathroom with all the toiletries. The employees are so humble. The area itself is very comfortable, and the hotel services make it even more so. It is close to a number of other holy sites, so it is easy to visit them in a short amount of time.

The Abraj Kudai:

It was supposed to open in 2017, but a financial problem in 2015 stopped and pushed back construction, so it is now expected to be finished in 2019 or 2020. When it's done, it will be the biggest hotel in the world, with a huge number of rooms. It is 2 kilometres from the holy Kabah and has a bus station that takes pilgrims to the Kabah, a shopping mall where you can buy something special for your loved ones back home or for yourself, a large parking lot with room for 3,000 cars, and 70 restaurants. Pilgrims who stay at the Abraj Kudai during their Islamic travel umrah packages 2023, will feel at ease and enjoy the hotel's facilities. This hotel will have 12 towers with 10,000 rooms, 70 restaurants, and 4 helipads on the roofs of the towers. It will also have 70 restaurants and 4 helipads on the roofs of the towers. You will get the best services and find it so easy to stay here. Having such a place to stay will help you do the holy rituals more seriously and with more motivation.

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