Tips to Assess Your Child's Academic Progress

Tips to Assess Your Child's Academic Progress

While many parents constantly have thought of measuring their child's performance, they are usually unaware of how to do it. 

Especially when it comes to the International Baccalaureate curriculum, monitoring and keeping track of your kids' performance can help them evolve as better versions of themselves. 

If you are one of those who're finding it difficult to assess your child's academic progress, we've got you covered. Read on to explore practical tips to monitor your child's progress in school.

Tips to Evaluate Your Child's Academic Progress

Below are effective tips to help you assess your child's academic progress.

Interact with the Class Teachers

Kids usually spend most of their time in their classroom, where their teacher evaluates them, usually deemed to be a kid's second parent. 

Hence, it is prudent to interact with your kid's class teacher to understand their class performance and if they act well and do well with class work, homework, presentations, and group activities. 

Parents must always examine the loophole well so that it becomes more effortless for them to assist their kids with their journey toward more valuable academic learning.

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Remain Up-To-Date with Your Child's Homework

Remaining up-to-date with your child's homework is an excellent way to understand if your kid has a good knowledge of the material taught. You will better understand what your child can retain and the problems kids face while learning the topics. Kids may not be able to recognize their blind spots on their own and will profit from the help of parents.

Maintain a Balance between Academics and Extracurricular Activities

Skill expansion and non-academic education are essential parts of growing up. Balanced learning is equally crucial as a balanced meal. You can allocate kids the right time to study, learn, and play to make them aware of completing their studies timely and prepare for examinations, sports, and other activities.

Final words 

While exams will always stay an essential aspect of education, the best schools in Riyadh are slowly reducing their focus on exams as the principal mode of assessment and gradually eliminating problematic assumptions to help parents better evaluate their child's progress. 

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