Top 10 Best Online Learning Platform For Kids In UAE

Top 10 Best Online Learning Platform For Kids In UAE
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The Digital Online platform employs an innovative and engaging teaching methodology that incorporates a blend of Montessori and Play-Way techniques that emphasise learning by involving all 5 senses and meaningfully participating the child, learning to work a fun-filled experience.

With your child spending more and more time at home, it’s important to keep them occupied with a variety of activities so they’re not glued to their gadgets. If and when they do turn to their devices, why not help them avoid online gaming and instead learn new skills?

It’s entertaining, educational, and engaging. Outschool is an online marketplace with over 100,000 live online classes for children. There is something for everyone, whether your child enjoys reading, computers, math, learning languages, or anything else.

Here are some of Online Learning Platform For Kids In UAE  if you want to keep your child safe and engaged while also teaching them a thing or two:

Top 10 Best Online Learning Platform For Kids In UAE

1. JustTutors

At Justtutors, we make certain that your child’s every need is met. Our team is made up of teachers with extensive knowledge of the subject. We seek the best of the best in the teaching of English , Mathematics & Science Grades 1 To 10

with an emphasis on one-on-one attention and delivery because each student has a unique learning need.

The team has extensive experience in Online Learning Platform For Kids In UAE, having delivered over 500,000 sessions to students in over 12 countries. Various Types Of Boards Like IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE US Curriculum. One To One Live CLasses & Free Study Material With MCQ With Ans.

Today, Justtutors is working to create a diverse range of activities that will make learning enjoyable and effective for you! Effective learning through intensive lessons and teaching methods. It aims to develop your child’s personality and confidence through Online Classes.

The nation has widely increased and adopted the E-learning education system, which is popular in all educational sectors. Online education is also less expensive; admission to a good college is a big deal for every parent. The online learning app enables students to earn money while studying.

2. Oceankidsdubai

Ocean Kids in Dubai provides an engaging environment for everyone to enjoy and express themselves through various activities such as dance, music, art, yoga, karate, and so on. Since our inception nearly 24 years ago, we have been in this field since 1989 and are well known on an international level. And, since August 2011, when Ocean Kids first set up shop in “the land of date palms,” we’ve had continued success and growth in the Arab World. Our institute’s staff is dedicated to helping all of our students develop their talents and learn new skills every day, and they do so with a high level of professionalism and hard work.

3. Time Master Skills Development

Time Master Skills Development Center is the best place for children to learn new skills in Abu Dhabi and Mussafah. We assist children in learning new skills and developing their potential as competent learners. We take pride in providing outstanding teaching services to the children and have a great teacher-student ratio. With skill development being such an important part of our daily lives, parents must ensure that their children expand their capabilities and learn advanced skills. We train your children in soft skills, handwriting, robotics, personality development, painting, abacus, and other subjects at our skill development centre. Our vision is to encourage and nurture their extracurricular talents in addition to academics. We are committed to providing safe and clean facilities for your children, as well as adequate care from caregivers.

4. skillza

Skillza is constructing a school of the future, providing k-12 students in the MENA region with 21st century skills that are 10x better than the status quo. Skillza teaches your child future skills for generating creative outcomes. Small group instruction allows for maximum child focus. Completion certificate Schedule flexibility, exam pause. Online classes for children aged 6 to 14. Online classes that are live. World-class mentors and educators Payment plans that are adaptable

5. lingua-learn

Our language assessment method is virtual, and each candidate is evaluated in real time across all four skills. This ensures that candidates’ levels of competency in the target language are accurately assessed. Our trainers and assessors have at least ten years of experience in the field, and our language teachers and assessors have a bachelor’s degree and an accredited teaching qualification. We are pleased to offer our clients customer service assistance, an assigned account coordinator, and a 24-hour global support line.


IKHYA, an award-winning eLearning company, is widely used by businesses of all sizes and industries worldwide. It provides high-quality eLearning solutions and services at a reasonable cost. It offers a diverse set of e-learning modules to meet all of the key professional learning requirements of today’s workplaces. The company believes in developing innovative eLearning strategies to help employees improve their skills, attitudes, and performance while also generating measurable results for the organisation.

7. Xpert Learning

XpertLearning, one of the leading eLearning companies in the UAE, specialises in corporate, academic, and government sectors. The company is the best provider of online learning and performance solutions, offering robust features and tools. It also includes an LMS that makes it simple to track, record, and measure employee performance and development. Blended learning, custom content creation, virtual instructor-led training, and other advanced features are available from this company.

8. Intuition

Intuition is a leading global knowledge solutions company that offers complete learning solutions for your business. The Intuition learning platform is safe, scalable, and simple to integrate with existing systems. It provides high-quality products and services to help you meet and exceed your company’s learning objectives. It offers a wide range of online learning courses and learning activities to keep your students engaged.

9. Duolingo

Duolingo is a vibrant and user-friendly mobile app that takes Online learning a new language seriously. It takes a lot of patience and practise to learn a new language. Learning a new language is not an easy task. This app has an excellent learning technique that will keep your attention and interest. Duolingo makes learning a foreign language enjoyable. Many languages, including English, Spanish, Latin, Mandrin, French, and others, can be learned here. This platform makes learning a new language enjoyable and simple.


Skilldom is an award-winning provider of advanced solutions.It provides a variety of services such as eLearning, consulting, content creation, Apps, and assessments. This company provides eLearning content on a variety of subjects and domains to organisations all over the world.


A. What factors should I consider when selecting a good online learning platform?

A user-friendly interface, one-way or two-way communication, platform security, and whether the trainers are experienced and provide comprehensive training are all important factors to consider when selecting an online learning platform.

In India, there are numerous online learning platforms for children. These websites and apps were created with the needs of students from various classes in mind. These platforms have pioneered interactive learning, which teaches concepts through enjoyable activities like quizzes and games. We’ve also included a few apps that you can use at home to teach extracurricular activities. With so many features, it may be difficult to find the best online platform for your child.



Since the world has reached a new level of acceptance of technology-mediated activities in all fields, online education and eLearning have emerged as prominent sectors that require an app interface.


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