Top 10 big companies that are looking to hire LSSGB certification holders.

Lori Smith Lori Smith 02 November
Top 10 big companies that are looking to hire LSSGB certification holders.

Six Sigma for big companies follows a sequence in hiring. The large organization typically have 15-25 LSSBB per 1100 employees. And these superiors are assisted by 5-7 green belts in any given project. And the ratio of Green belt holders is 300:1000 employees.

To know the hiring pattern of big companies, we need to learn about the projects they carry, the core team they have, and above all selection of certification holders. There are more than 880k green belt certified professionals around the globe. Needless to say, all share the same competencies, but what factors really determine to include only 336k LSSGB to the top-notch companies.

What is that these professionals have and differentiate them from the other 544k professional? We shall also discuss a blueprint of getting a sure shot entry to big companies like Google, Apple, Citrix, Oracle, Volkswagen, et cetera. The blueprints hold classified information from industry experts and nurture aspiring minds to dream big. For some, the article details may be surreal, and for some a Deja vu. We request our readers to apply an open mind consciousness while you read this article.

The core team

It is observed from empirical studies and expert reviews that every big organization has a core team of quality management. We can call the team members as Operatives. Their sole purpose is to apply and deploy the 10 Six Sigma success factor throughout the organization. The success factors are as follows:

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Leadership
  4. Human resource development
  5. Process management
  6. Learning and development
  7. Information analysis
  8. Supplier and inventory management
  9. Quality tools
  10. Customer management

As a LSSGB specialist, you are required to hunt for loopholes pertaining to deficiencies. You then report to your team leader, who is a LSSBB professional, most probably a Q&A head, quality Engineer, or the head of TQM. He then assesses your findings and makes a close study of the trends, and devises the possible methods and tools to act against these shortcomings. You, as his subordinate, work closely in implementing his decisions. 


You lead the yellow belt holders who constitute a ratio of 400:1000. Typically you carry out MAIC protocols and generate results through an incentive system. You are an indispensable part of the infrastructure. You are involved in driving continuous process improvement, strategically supporting your seniors, and leading the improvement projects.

Let’s take an example to understand it better. You work as a junior quality engineer at Philips. Philips is trying to penetrate the education industry. Its presence in the unconventional industries like manufacturing Healthcare industry goods like MRI machines, ventilators et cetera, has brought huge names and ripples in the education industry. Philips plans to create a cloud LMS and an on-premise LMS. Your core team is deployed to plan the project! And your boss has assigned you to picture the present scenario and future implications along with stressing areas where Philips can penetrate.

With your team, you started extensive research to find a budding place suiting your company in the education industry. Your research found that in Asia-Pacific and African Continent, you can invest in LMS as there are very few LMS working in these regions. Besides, you have found that you can benchmark methodologies adopted by udemy and KhanAcademy, and Byju. You found that these companies are inaccessibly high priced to consumers of these regions. But their material quality is great and is constantly evolving by adding VFX to animation videos and collaborating with great professors and teachers.

You came with a plan to build a new LMS and will sign MoUs form the governments of these regions to help in integrating Philips LMS solutions in the government-run schools and some private schools also. You reach your boss about the plan and research. He asks you a fundamental question about the quality. And you answered that we would penetrate our VFX engineers, sound engineers in these companies and co-create the quality which we want. 

The top companies who make hires of LSSGB professionals 

  1. Sony
  2. Lenovo
  3. Dell
  4. Samsung
  5. Google
  6. Philips
  7. Oracle
  8. Adobe
  9. Reliance
  10. Tata consultancies

Though there other giants hiring a LSSGB professional, but due to the extensive project approach, the companies listed hunt aggressively for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professionals. One can easily maneuver its existence to another company due to its industrial relation and project similarities.

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