Top 10 Features to Include in Fantasy App Development

Top 10 Features to Include in Fantasy App Development
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01 February 2023

The advent of technology in mobile applications has evolved the growth of fantasy sports. During a poll, people were asked which fandom they preferred, PC or mobile. The majority of them preferred mobile devices. 

According to statista, the market for fantasy sports is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 12.19% to reach USD 12.87 billion by 2028 from USD 6.45 billion in 2022. It shows there will be an exponential rise in mobile development with the rise in mobile users. 

In this competitive and fast-paced world, everyone is doing hard to stand on top; integrating advanced and unique features in your fantasy app may assist you in getting a huge audience base in fantasy sports.

Nowadays, individuals are looking for more rewards and features that may assist them in a better experience. Therefore, to be successful in your business, you need to remain up-to-date on current trends. 

It shows how the fantasy sports industry is becoming lucrative. Various businesses are dabbing into custom fantasy app development. Are you also looking forward to building your own fantasy sports application? Then you must include the below features in your app for better growth. 

So let’s start the blog. 

What is a Fantasy App? 

A fantasy app is a mobile application that allows users to participate in virtual games of fantasy, where they create and manage their own imaginary teams or players in various sports or other forms of competition.   

These games often involve creating a roster of real-life players and then earning points based on the statistical performance of those players in actual games. The goal is usually to build the most successful team possible and compete against other users or teams to determine a winner.

10 Essential Features of Fantasy App Development 

Here are the essential features of fantasy app development that you must consider when building your own app. So let’s have a look at them. 

#1. User Registration and Login

User registration and login are crucial features of any sports app. It allows users to create an account, provide basic personal information, and track their activities within the app. This feature enables users to log in and access their accounts, scores, and stats. This way, they can keep track of their progress and monitor their performance. 

#2. Real-time Score Updates and Stats Tracking

Real-time score updates and stats tracking is a feature that allows users to view live scores and stats for different sports events. It helps users stay informed about their favorite teams, players, and games and helps them make informed decisions about their bets.

In addition, the stats tracking feature allows users to view detailed information about their performance, including their win-loss record, average score, and other essential metrics. 

#3. In-app Messaging

The In-app messaging feature allows users to communicate with each other about new events, scores, and updates. This feature helps users stay connected with their friends and other users within the app and helps them keep track of the latest sports news and events. If you want to add this fantastic feature to your app, then hire fantasy app developer.    

#4. Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Advanced analytics and reporting feature provides users with detailed insights into their performance and helps them make informed decisions about their bets. This feature uses data from the app’s various sources to provide users with comprehensive reports and analytics about their performance and the performance of other users. However, it also helps users stay informed and make informed decisions about their bets. 

#5. Integration With Popular Sports APIs for Accurate Data

Integration with popular sports APIs for accurate data is a feature that helps ensure that the app provides users with accurate and up-to-date information about sports events and stats. 

However, if you want to create an app like FanDuel fantasy football, then you must hire dedicated developers. This feature integrates the app with popular sports APIs, such as ESPN, to ensure that users receive accurate and up-to-date information about their favorite teams, players, and games.

#6. Social Media Sharing and Invite Features

Social media sharing and invite feature allows users to share their scores and stats with their friends and other users on social media platforms. It also allows users to invite their friends to join the app and compete with them in various sports events. 

Additionally, it helps users stay connected with their friends and other users within the app and helps promote the app to new users.     

#7. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a feature that rewards users for their loyalty to the app and for their engagement with the app’s features. For example, this feature rewards users for making regular bets, participating in games, and referring friends to the app.

It helps encourage users to stay engaged with the app and helps keep them coming back for more. However, if you want to build a fantasy app and integrate these features, you must take assistance from dedicated developers. 

#8. CRM Integration

CRM Integration helps integrate the app with a customer relationship management system. This feature allows the app to access and use data from a user’s CRM account to provide them with personalized and relevant information and offers. It helps improve the user experience and helps keep users engaged with the app. 

#9. Push Notifications

Push notification is a must-have feature for every app. It sends real-time notifications to users about new events, scores, and updates. Additionally, this feature helps keep users informed about the latest sports news and events and helps encourage them to stay engaged with the app. To incorporate push notification features in your fantasy sports app, taking assistance from an experienced mobile app development company will be helpful.  

#10. Dashboard

The dashboard feature displays essential information about the user’s performance, such as their win-loss record and provides them with detailed analytics and reports about their performance and other users. It helps users stay informed and make informed decisions about their bets.      


Fantasy applications constitute a significant area for investment and expansion. It is vital to know that the time and cost for the development of an application depend on the number of features you want to integrate into your application. The development of fantasy applications has changed the mobile app market.

Now you have a list of features, and it is time to integrate them into the app. Thus, get in touch with an experienced fantasy app development company that can assist you in incorporating features into your app.

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