Top 10 messaging apps that work without a phone number

Top 10 messaging apps that work without a phone number
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These messaging apps will keep your phone number private.

While WhatsApp remains the most popular instant messaging app to connect with people, some users aren’t always comfortable with sharing their phone number out of a concern for their privacy. Luckily, there is a bunch of apps that let you connect with people without having to make your phone number public. Some of these apps offer the same user-friendly experience as WhatsApp, while others have their own unique features. Today, we bring you the top 5 messaging apps that work without a phone number.

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Telegram is one of the most secure messaging apps you can use without a phone number. You will, however, need to register with your phone number. After registration, you can create a username and share it with people you want to add on the app. Telegram allows you to hide your phone number from your contacts, thereby offering maximum privacy.

You can send texts, images, videos, and documents on Telegram. It also hosts a large number of groups that you can join without revealing your phone number.


One of the oldest messaging apps out there, Skype was primarily designed to make video calls. All you need is an email ID to sign up for Skype. Once you’ve created your profile, you can add a username. Skype gives you the option to add your phone number and sync your contacts to find and add people you know.

If you do not wish to add your phone number, other Skype users can find you by searching for your username. Although it was primarily designed for making calls, Skype also offers instant messaging and photo sharing on its platform.


Discord started out as a chat and voice call service for online gamers. Its fast servers and ability to hold channels with hundreds of users in them make it the ideal app for instant communication.

Since it was designed to host online gaming communities, Discord prioritises your privacy over everything else. You do not need a phone number to sign up for Discord. All you need is an email ID, which will then be hidden from everyone else on the app. Upon signing up, you will be made to create a username and a permanent number tag will be assigned to you.

The messaging experience on Discord is unparalleled. You can join a server with other users, or add people to your contact list for direct messaging. Public servers can be customised and regulated with the help of bots, making Discord extremely fun to use.


Much like other apps on this list, Kik offers direct messaging as well as public groups. You only need an email address to sign up for Kik. Upon signing up, you’ll have to create a unique username before you begin using the app. Your email address is kept private and is not shared with anyone.

Kik lets you send messages, pictures, videos, and gifs to your contacts. It does not have the option to send documents yet. You can add other users by searching for their username, or you can sync your contacts on Kik to find people you know.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger may be the last entry on this list, but it is used by over a billion people worldwide. Facebook Messenger does not make your phone number public if you’ve hidden it on your profile.

You can use Facebook Messenger to connect with anyone on Facebook and send texts, images, gifs, and videos. It also gives you the option to make voice and video calls.

Google Chat

Google may have a plethora of chat apps in its portfolio, but the OG Google Chat app is perfect for texting. The app may lack the bells and whistles, but it fits the bill if you’re interested in a light app that does the basics right. You can add someone to your contact list using their email. All of your Gmail contacts are automatically synced to the contact list. One of the better features of this app is how well it is integrated with other Google services like Meet, Calendar, Drive, and more.


Instagram may be a social media app, but it is commonly used to text people with whom you don’t want to share your number. You may not think of Instagram as a messenger app, but this is where the phrase ‘Slide into DMs’ originated. Instagram DMs offer you all the texting features you need. One of our favourites is the super accessible ‘Vanish Mode’ feature which can be enabled simply by dragging the chat screen upwards. All the texts and images sent in Vanish Mode get deleted as soon as the mode is disabled.


Snapchat started the whole ‘ephemeral messaging’ trend and remains one of the biggest messaging apps around. Its image-centric messaging makes it super popular among young people. You don’t need a phone number to sign up for Snapchat. You can register using your email id, after which you will be asked to create your Snapchat username. This username will be your sole identifier in the app. Other people can add you using your username. While Snapchat asks you to register your phone number, it is not necessary that you do so.


Moco is primarily a messaging app to meet and chat with new people, but you can also use it as a platform to talk to people you’re not comfortable sharing your number with. You don’t need to provide your phone number to make an account on Moco. Using Moco, you can talk to people in your vicinity or add someone by their username. The app also allows its users to live stream on the platform.


MeetMe is similar to Moco, in the sense that is lets you talk to people who are around you and share common interests with you. Like Moco, MeetMe also has a live streaming feature. You can monetise your live streams by cashing out the gifts you get from your viewers. At its core, MeetMe is a solid messaging app, that gives you a well-rounded texting experience. You can add other people from their profile or by entering their username.

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While most of these apps are pretty secure, only a few (like Telegram) offer end-to-end encryption. It is advised to go through the basic privacy and security features of every app before you decide to use it.

If you’re looking for messaging apps that work without a phone number for your business, you can try Google Hangouts, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more.

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