Top 5 AI crypto coins to keep an eye on in 2023

Top 5 AI crypto coins to keep an eye on in 2023
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As the world becomes increasingly digitized, we are witnessing the rise of cryptocurrencies and their integration with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Cryptocurrencies have been around for over a decade, and they continue to gain mainstream adoption as more people recognize the benefits of decentralized digital currencies. AI, on the other hand, has been used to enhance various industries, and it is now making its way into the crypto space.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, trading has become one of the most popular activities, and cryptocurrency exchanges have emerged as a crucial part of the ecosystem. With the growing demand for exchanges, the Cryptocurrency Exchange Development industry is booming, and new exchanges are popping up every day. As more traders flock to these platforms, there is a need for sophisticated technologies to make trading more efficient, and this is where AI comes in.

In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 AI crypto coins to keep an eye on in 2023. We will examine how AI is being used in the crypto space and how these coins are integrating AI technologies to enhance their functionalities. Additionally, we will touch on the importance of having a reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange Script and how it can help streamline trading activities on exchanges. So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of AI and crypto.

The Cryptocurrency Trend

It's difficult to pinpoint when the AI movement in the bitcoin market began, but it was somewhere around that period.

Several cryptocurrencies associated with artificial intelligence began to appreciate in value.

This, as is often always the case, meant that initiatives that were fairly dodgy but merely had "AI" in their name began pumping as well.

Moreover, while there are many legitimate initiatives with significant funding that are actively advancing in the realms of crypto and AI, many were (and still are) malevolent, but more on that later.

Some of the greatest AI cryptocurrency currencies are listed here. Please keep in mind that this list is based on internal research and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

  1. OASIS

Oasis is a layer 1 blockchain that prioritizes privacy and scalability. This blockchain removes smart contract execution from the consensus mechanism process, allowing developers to create privacy-focused apps. It offers a safe architecture with fast throughput and cheap costs.

This blockchain's purpose is to power diverse Web 3 apps by providing an environment for fast-scaling applications. The OASIS network's native token, ROSE, which is used for governance, transaction fees, and staking, is a digital asset.  Now, the ROSE token is trading at $0.06617, with a market size of about $378 million. In addition, Oasis has created a $ 235 million fund to assist apps built on its network.

  1. AGIX

AGIX is one of the most well-known crypto tokens on the market today. It is the native token of the SingularityNET platform. This site allows users to buy and trade AI-related items. This platform also allows for the trading of data models and other AI-related technologies.

AGIX is presently trading at $ 0.5305, with a market size of around $638 million at the time of writing. It has a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens, with around 1.2 billion tokens in circulation now.


Fetch is an open-source decentralized platform that enables the creation of a new digital economy. It enables the production of intelligent autonomous agents, which are AI-powered tools. These technologies are capable of handling difficult tasks such as advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and decision-making. To enable seamless communication, the bots communicate with each other as well as with human interfaces.

FET is the native token of FET is presently trading at $0.4569 with a market size of $374 million at the time of writing. The current circulating quantity of FET tokens is close to 818 million.

  1. Render

Render is an innovative GPU network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It is a high-performance blockchain that facilitates the operation of Decentralized Applications (Dapps) that demand a lot of bandwidth. Its blockchain enables developers to construct dApps in fields as diverse as healthcare, finance, and gaming.

Its key innovation is the usage of off-chain compute nodes to reduce the strain on the main blockchain. This guarantees that vast volumes of data may be handled fast. It provides a versatile programming environment that allows developers to code in many programming languages. These properties make it a potential platform for future DApp development. Now, Render is presently trading at $1.51, with a market valuation of over $382 million.

  1. The Graph

The Graph is a novel decentralized, open-source system that uses distributed ledger technology to gather data without requiring third parties. This protocol is a worldwide APU that uses the Graph QL language to index and organizes conveniently accessible data.

The Graph protocol indexes blockchain data in the same manner that Google indexes data on the internet. The protocol makes use of the idea of "sub-graphs" to conveniently access data from the blockchain. Subgraphs are open APIs that include information on how data is indexed in the blockchain. This is a unique technique since accessing data from traditional blockchains is challenging.

The Graph's native cryptocurrency is GRT, an ERC-20 token that can be held in Ethereum or Ethereum-compatible wallets. GRT is currently trading at $0.158 and has a market capitalization of $1,395,070,490.

Tech Giants spent a lot of money

Outside events frequently drive cryptocurrency developments. ChatGPT and other AI-based models were catching up with the bigger brands in this scenario. One of them was Microsoft, the tech behemoth.

Bloomberg announced on January 23rd, 2023, that Microsoft had spent a stunning $10 billion on OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. It's worth mentioning that Microsoft was already a supporter of OpenAI at the time, having contributed $1 billion in 2019.

OpenAI also stated that it trains all of its models on Azure, Microsoft's cloud-based service. One of the primary goals of the funding was to allow the firm to expand its independent research.

Final Conviction

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly important factor in the growth and development of crypto coins. With the constant rise in popularity of both AI and cryptocurrency, it's no surprise that experts are keeping a close eye on the top 5 AI crypto coins to watch in 2023. These coins, which utilize cutting-edge AI technology in their development, have the potential to disrupt the crypto market and provide investors with exciting new opportunities.

However, it's important to note that investing in these coins is not without risk, and it's essential to take necessary precautions before making any investment decisions. One important factor to consider is the development of cryptocurrency exchanges, which are essential for buying, selling, and trading these coins. It's crucial for Cryptocurrency Exchange Development to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancements in order to provide users with a seamless and secure trading experience. Additionally, investing in a high-quality Cryptocurrency Exchange Script can help ensure the success and longevity of a cryptocurrency exchange platform, making it an important aspect for both investors and developers to consider. By staying up to date on both the latest AI crypto coins and cryptocurrency exchange developments, investors can make informed decisions and potentially reap the benefits of this exciting and dynamic market.

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