TOP 5 Best Motion Sensor and Motion Detector camera 2020

TOP 5 Best Motion Sensor and Motion Detector camera 2020
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Motion sensors are vital to home and business security. It is important to get the best motion detector, since your security system is only as effective as the motion detector set up in your home or workplace. A reliable motion detector must alert you for intruders while not triggering a false alarm because of moving pets. In this video, we’re going to look at the top five motion detectors available on the market today. We made this list based on our own opinion, research and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible.  So here are the top five Best Motion Detectors:

5. Fosmon WaveLink 51005HOM

TOP 5 Best Motion Sensor and Motion Detector camera 2020This motion sensor alarm from Fosmon works great indoors. It is wireless and is easy to install. On top of that, it can detect motion within 16.4 feet. Its receiver, on the other hand, works even when it is up to 500 feet apart from the motion sensor. The Fosmon WaveLink’s tone and the volume of the alarm can be set according to your preference. It has 52 alarm tones and 4 different volumes that you can choose from. We also love how it helps those with hearing impairment through their visual alerts and LED lights. Everyone can benefit from this device!

Its pros are:

  • It calls for very easy set-up. Simply plug its receiver into a regular 110-volt outlet. No need for wiring within the walls. The sensor itself is easy to install
  • The LED light indicators are great for the hearing-impaired
  • It has 5 levels of volume to choose from so you can adjust it based on how you want it
  • It has a pretty wide sensor to receiver range. If you want your sensor set up in your gate outside and your receiver plugged in the bedroom on the second floor of your house, you can easily do that with the Fosmon WaveLink

However, the cons are:

  • The beep or alarm will not stop unless plugged off the wall, so it will be a bit annoying when you have legitimate visitors waiting by your front door. In that case, it might be best to put it near the door so that you may turn it off immediately
  • The motion sensor is super sensitive which is both a good and a bad thing
  • It is also not waterproof. So be sure to place it under a covered area

For its price, the Fosmon WaveLink is an excellent device. Just know where to put it, and it will work like a charm, protecting your home or workplace in only a few minutes of installation.

4. LITOM Solar Motion Sensor Light

TOP 5 Best Motion Sensor and Motion Detector camera 2020A brand well-known for their solar lights, LITOM made a wireless motion sensor that’s a great light as well. The LITOM’s new model has 122 LED solar motion sensor lights that can detect movement within 26 feet or 8 meters. It runs through solar power so it needs to be set up outdoors, under straight sunlight to charge. At night, it will light up your garage or driveway according to your preference. Once it detects motion, it will illuminate the surrounding for 20 seconds. The LED solar motion light is waterproof at IP67.

Its pros are:

  • It has solar-powered lights which save you some bucks off your electricity bill
  • It is waterproof and heat-, and frost-resistant. So expect it to last through any type of weather
  • It has three light settings:  Security Mode, where it will turn the light on when it detects movement; Smart Brightness, where it stays on all night and turns brighter when it detects motionPermanent On, where the light remains on all night
  • It is also easy to change the setting with a simple push of a button
  • it is easy to install

However, the cons are:

  • The motion sensitivity and range are not adjustable
  • This sensor depends on solar energy alone. If it runs out of battery in the evening, and there’s no sunlight to recharge it the next day, it would be impossible to use it
  • The timeframe that the solar light can stay on depends on the amount of light it has absorbed throughout the day

If you want the lights to last all night, it is imperative to put the lights in an area where there's direct sunlight with little to no shade. If you are all for green energy with a security function, the LITOM Solar Motion Sensor Light is the right fit for you. This motion sensor serves its purpose and will frighten any unwanted visitors from coming into your yard uninvited.

3. Mr. Beams Motion Sensing Spotlight

TOP 5 Best Motion Sensor and Motion Detector camera 2020Another product that brags about easy-installation: Mr. Beams can be placed in your dedicated area in just about 5 minutes. This motion-sensing spotlight can detect movement within 30 feet or a little over 9 meters. It is battery-operated and has an energy-saving feature. It shuts off automatically after 20 seconds after it detects movement. Mr. Beams Spotlight can be pivoted in four directions so that you can position the lights depending on the area's need. This spotlight is also weatherproof, making it perfect for outdoor monitoring.

Its pros are:

  • Its wide sensor range of 30 feet keeps you extra protected
  • its energy-saving feature ensures that any unwanted visitors will be warded off. And it gives you enough light as you go from the garage to your front door


  • Although it is said to be weatherproof, the spotlight has no IP rating, so it’s not waterproof
  • Also, this device needs 4D batteries to work, and those are not included in the package

For illuminating dark spots in your home when needed, this spotlight will work just fine. It may be best to put it in areas where it will not be affected too much by the weather to avoid water from flooding the light. All in all, the Mr. Beams spotlight is great for its price and will light up and scare any uninvited guests.

2. Ring Motion-Activated Camera

TOP 5 Best Motion Sensor and Motion Detector camera 2020A camera, a motion sensor, and a spotlight rolled into one. When it comes to security, this Ring Motion-Activated Camera has it all. This device allows you to have two-way communication. It is compatible with Alexa, and alarms you on your portable devices when it detects motion. It lets you monitor your home in HD at 1080P. It also works great even at night with its infrared vision. Aside from the motion sensor, it has a camera, siren, and a floodlight designed to secure your home sweet home. Its LED floodlights will deter any unwanted visitor from your home. Its microphone and speaker allows you to listen and talk to the intruder. That is also great to give directions to your naughty pet.

Its pros are:

  • This device will allow you to monitor your home using your portable device like cell phones and tablets. So you’re updated with what’s happening in your house even when you are miles away
  • The motion sensor sensitivity can be adjusted based on your preference
  • There is also a siren or alarm that you can control using your phone
  • It can record videos and can come in handy if you need evidence to file police reports for serious intrusions

However, the cons are:

  • It is pretty expensive compared to the other motion detectors we have listed so far
  • An additional subscription is required to allow video-recording after the 30-day free trial is up
  • The installation of this camera requires a hardwired connection to electrical boxes that are also weatherproof

For overall home protection, the Ring Motion-Activated Camera is a feature-rich device you can rely on even when you are away from home. 

1. Kangaroo Motion Sensor

TOP 5 Best Motion Sensor and Motion Detector camera 2020Having a great security system does not mean getting an expensive one, and Kangaroo Motion Sensor proves it. Installation is very straightforward, as it is peel and stick. And all you need is a smartphone for monitoring. It’s great for monitoring any room at home, and you will also be given the option of professional monitoring for better security. If you do subscribe to their plan, there will be more features added, like text, voice notifications, and integration with Alexa. This motion detector can tell when a furry friend causes the motion with its Pet Rejection feature, hence, minimizing false alarms.

Its pros are:

  • It is very cheap! It’s about 29 times less expensive than the Ring Motion Sensor. For everything it has to offer, this one’s a real value for money
  • It is easy to install. All you will ever need is a smartphone and a wall to stick the motion detector


  • It has a limited free trial. You have to shell out a bit more cash on your subscription to maximize its features such as real-time alerts sent to your phone and video viewing through your mobile device app
  • There's a 5 minute arming time when you cannot exit the app

This makes it a hassle if you want to arm the motion sensor when you're about to leave. And that’s all for our top five motion detectors on the market. Head over to the description below for links to more detailed info on each of the products. And remember to leave a comment to let us know your opinion. 

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