TOP 5 Best Racing Wheels | SIM racing for PS4 and Xbox One

TOP 5 Best Racing Wheels | SIM racing for PS4 and Xbox One
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08 July 2020

Your PlayStation and Xbox controllers are excellent for the vast majority of games, but there’s only one way to go when it comes to some serious racing. A great racing wheel is more than just a rejiggered controller. It may have many of the same buttons, but it offers a far more nuanced approach to driving vehicles in your favorite racing games. In this reveiw, we’re going to look at the top five racing wheels available on the market today. We made this list based on our own opinion, research, and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible. So, here are the top five Best Racing Wheels:

5. Thrustmaster T300 RS

TOP 5 Best Racing Wheels | SIM racing for PS4 and xbox OneThrustmaster enhances the gaming experience of virtual racers through learning at tough times with its amazing invention, the T300 RS. It comes with the newest technology of force feedback wheel that lets you dive into a world of racing to intensify real focus on their driving skills and boost their gaming performance. T300 RS creates a matchless virtual connection between you and the racing track. It contains a brushless servo industrial Force feedback motor with frictionless quality. It combines a new 1080 degree dual-belt system to make a smooth and quiet Force Feedback experience with realistic force effects, making you feel the road. Thrustmaster incorporates HEART or HallEffect AccuRate Technology to the capabilities of its motor.

It features a contactless magnetic sensor that provides 65,536 values on the wheel steering through 16-bit of resolution. It also features an internal memory that allows you to get the latest improvements and updates with a sliding switch placed at the base for compatibility with PS4 and PS3 systems. T300 RS has a detachable wheel that measures 11 inches in diameter, including the brushed metal. It weighs 2.6 pounds that enhances ultra-realistic inertia. For amazing comfort and better grip, the wheel contains reinforced textured rubber cladding along with two large, sequential paddles made up of 100% metal. Depending on the type of the vehicle, the rotation of the wheel angle can be changed from 270 degrees to 1080 degrees as well.

Its pros are:

  • It has no external power supply
  • It is compatible with all current Thrustmaster rims
  • It has the same hard mount points as T500 on the wheel and pedals
  • It comes with GTE or PS4 rim depending on which version you get

However, the cons are:

  • It has no clutch
  • Its pedals could have been better with some progression on the brake

But in the end, the T300 RS is an excellent gaming wheel with reasonable Force Feedback features.

4. Thrustmaster TMX

TOP 5 Best Racing Wheels | SIM racing for PS4 and xbox OneThrustmaster TMX is an official stimulator for Xbox and Windows. The new and highly affordable 900 Degree Force Feedback racing wheel lets you have real road experience, including braking, road bumps, loss of tire grip, track’s relief, and many more. The force feedback system is the most valuable feature that TMX carries. It allows you to push and pull to cause friction when braking at high speed. This racing wheel lets you achieve more with higher customization options and console support.

The wheels are made of plastic with rubber grips and a metallic knob with buttons. The center consists of bumpers, D-pads, the A, B, X, and Y controller buttons, along with two metallic paddles that are connected behind the wheel for the trigger. Its wide plastic base contains the pedals for the brake and gas function that can be adjusted at different angles and heights. The pedals come with a wide footrest for a better experience. TMX is compatible with Thrustmaster T3PA and T3PA-PRO pedal sets and Thrustmaster TH8A shifter. All controls are accessible in all the social functions that navigate through the console’s menus and options.

Its pros are:

  • It has a robust and high-quality feel
  • It is immediately compatible with most games for PC and Xbox One
  • It has excellent customization features


  • There is no way to hold down the pedal out of the box
  • Its PC support isn’t as strong as for Xbox

Although it works best with Xbox, the Thrustmaster TMX is a highly recommended gaming wheel if you’re in for an amazing immersive experience.

3. Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel

TOP 5 Best Racing Wheels | SIM racing for PS4 and xbox OneThe T150 ensures automatic recognition by PS4 systems. It is also compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7. Like the previous models, it boasts the Realistic Force Feedback for an excellent and real gaming experience. T150 comes with a smooth, precise, and less-noisy steering wheel along with a mixed belt-pulley and modern gear systems. It delivers an extreme racing precision with a rotational angle from 270 to 1080 degrees to allow you to race in any vehicle with matchless immersion. Its wide and optimized pedal set helps you brake and accelerate like in an actual racing car.

You can adjust each pedal’s angle to your preference. The wheels are made with reinforced rubber-coated grips with 2 large 100% metal paddle shifters featuring sequential gears. This racing wheel is 11 inches in diameter, with an ergonomic design highly adapted for all types of driving games. T150 is easy to control with all its built-in buttons. The menu and options are a finger tap away, so you won’t have to remove your hand from the wheel.

Its pros are:

  • It has strong force feedback
  • It comes with an excellent rubber grip
  • It provides excellent value for your money

It has all the basics you get from expensive wheels, minus the flashy extras.

However, the cons are:

  • The pedals are made of plastic and are a bit flimsy
  • It has a fan that kicks in after 20 minutes of use, and it can get distracting while playing on low volume

The Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is an affordable option for those getting their races on PC and PS4. If you’re after excellent force feedback that won’t break the bank, this wheel is a great buy.

2. Logitech G29

TOP 5 Best Racing Wheels | SIM racing for PS4 and xbox OneLogitech G29 is designed with a dual-motor force feedback system that takes you into the virtual world of racing. It makes you feel the scratch and grip of tires, drifting, and more. G29 is a gamer’s best choice with high-quality features. It is powerfully stimulated with realistic force effects so you can respond with precision. The G29 has the latest race-ready construction with the solid steel ball bearings in the wheel shaft. Aesthetically strong and durable, it includes stainless steel paddle shifters and pedals.

The gaming controls are easy to access as the D-pad, built-in buttons, paddle shifters, and LED light indicators are placed at your fingertips. This racing wheel is mounted at your table through racing rigs via built-in clamps or by screw mounting points. The G29 also offers 900-Degree steering rotation for realistic turns like you’re in a real racecar. It also has an adjustable floor pedal with a footrest, throttle, pressure-sensitive brakes, and clutch for realistic acceleration and gear-changing.

Its pros are:

  • It comes with powerful force feedback
  • Its hand-stitched leather-topped wheel feels good
  • It has helical transmission gears for smooth and noiseless operation

However, it is a bit expensive. Logitech G29 is a well-balanced product that delivers a compelling gaming experience. It is manufactured with the highest level of racing game stimulation that brings your virtual experience to life.

1. Logitech G920 Driving Force

TOP 5 Best Racing Wheels | SIM racing for PS4 and xbox OneThe first thing you notice is how sturdy this feels and how well it’s all been put together. The wheel is chunky and gives a firmer grip than some other, lower-priced wheels. It makes your gaming experience feel alive and superb with its Dual-Motor Force Feedback. Making you feel your tire with every turn and twist, it stimulates the force effects in a powerful, realistic manner so you can respond with precision. The G920 has a pro look of a real racing car. You’ll feel like you’re in a real racing adventure. It has Ready Race Construction, including robust steel ball bearings in the wheel shaft, as well as pedals and paddle shifters. It also comes with a helical gear transmission that reduces the noise and unwanted vibration.

At the same time, it has anti-backlash technology that keeps the wheel gripped and pedal tight. This racing wheel delivers 900-degree steering for realistic turns and lock-to-lock rotation. Same as a real race car wheel, you can turn it two and a half times and it also lets you see which direction it is indicating. With G920, you can conveniently control your game with the easy-access D-Pad and console buttons at your fingertips. It has semi-automatic paddle shifters too, that lead you to a smooth and accurate gear transition on turns and straightaways. This racing wheel also lets you drive fearlessly as it won’t let the model shift during aggressive maneuvers. It can be mounted securely on any table or racing rig through its screw mounting points.

Its pros are:

  • It has brilliant force feedback
  • It is visually-pleasing. It even looks better than the G29
  • It has all the navigation buttons on the steering wheel
  • It provides you with a smooth steering action

However, the cons are:

  • It only has 8-bit pedal resolution
  • It is not compatible with PlayStation 4
  • It is expensive

Regardless, the Logitech G920 is an excellent steering wheel that justifies the hefty price tag. With its superior force feedback, ergonomic design, and sturdy build quality, the G920 is the best racing wheel. And that completes our roundup of the top five best racing wheels. 

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