Top 5 Minecraft Items

Welcome to the TOP 5 Minecraft items! This article will discuss the most useful and best Minecraft items. According to me, the TOP 5 items below are MUST HAVES!

#5 Enchantment Table

I feel like I have no option other than to put this on the list. You are serious! Ways to upgrade your armour, tools and weapons? It's amazing when you consider the fire aspect and the thorns! This block is amazing and effective that I think it should be included on the list! This block can make the world your own.

#4 Iron Pickaxe

The iron pickaxe... What would you do without him? How are you going to mine diamond and gold to defeat the dragon of death and the wither? What are you going to do to mine obsidian? You will be amazed at the amazing enchantments you can create using this tool.

#3 TNT

TNT isn't just good for mining but also very useful for PVP. The fun you have and the work you save are unbeatable. MINECRAFT SERVER LIST From tearing holes in caves to plainly causing trouble to someone's house. This can be especially useful when playing factions on servers. It is useful for battling an army or raiding bases. You can also make amazing mini games using TNT. This stuff is amazing!

#2 Furnace

The little guy wouldn't be without the Iron Pickaxe, and we all know how important it is! This block lets you smelt objects, which can be used to create additional tools, such as weapons destruction, building, and combat. It's not necessary to win the game.

#1 Crafting Table

Not only is it your most trusted friend in Minecraft it also allows you to create anything above, imagine, and conquer everything in this game... For heaven's sake, it's the only thing that can save you from the night, other than your fist. It's time to face it that without this block, there are no weapons, no tools or new blocks... Give yourself a break, and make this amazing block now before the mobs appear at night to hunt you.

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