Top 5 Places To Try Fish in Lahore

Top 5 Places To Try Fish in Lahore

Winter is about to leave, and we don’t want to miss the best finger fish in Lahore. Since winters are getting colder in Lahore now, the demand for fish has subsequently increased. With other yummy things to try out this season, there is no way that you can skip fish dishes. The soft, juicy, and mouth-watering fish cooked in different ways can take you on a journey of delish flavours. Whether you enjoy Finger Fish, Grilled Fish or Fish Gravy, fish dishes are irresistibly good and adored by everyone. And why do you even have to bear the hustle of preparing a fish at home when different restaurants are ready to serve you at an affordable price?

Many numbers of restaurants are now including Finger Fish in their menu. Of course, the exquisite taste coupled with piquant sauces is a must-try. Finger Fish can be found at roadside junctions and lavish restaurants. While thinking of finger fish we expect a moist, tendered fish fried to perfection with a side of seasoned fries. To fulfil these cravings, many restaurants are ready to plate up amazingly flavoursome Finger Fish. Let’s find out these top 5 places to try fish in Lahore.

Al-Khan Restaurant 

Al-Khan is one of the top restaurants that serve the best finger fish in Lahore at an affordable price. The high culinary standards are depicted in the way they season, fry and present various fish items for their prestigious customers. The cooking techniques are the reason fothe r instant rush oflavoursrs in any fish dish. It pleases both sight and taste and brings you a dining experience like never before. Apart from Finger Fish, their Rahu Fish BBQ, Fish Sajji, and Fish and Chips have stolen our hearts. Do pay a visit to Al-Khan if you want to get the most out of the leftover fish season!

Arcadian Café

Breaded Sandeep-fried fish served with tartar sauce and French fries! Sounds super mouth-watering! And you know where to fi it. Arcadian café is known for serving tasty fish items and many other delicious cuisines. The café serves plenty of dishes so everyone can order what they like. Another major reason to dine here is because of its lavished interior which contributes to a perfect environment for dining. Customers also love their Pan Fried Fish, Toulon Fried Fish and Newport Grilled Fish. So to get a kick off the amazing flavour of s fish, Arcadian café is ready to serve it all for you.

The Poet Boutique Restaurant

The Poet Boutique Restaurant delivers a royal dining experience that you will remember throughout your life. The interior reflects the true Mughal Empire which provides a remarkable time while treating yourself to savoury and scrumptious food. The Lahori Finger Fish at this restaurant does not need any praise. The authentic flavour of the fish will brighten up your day. All foodies love this restaurant and highly recommend it to others as well. With its amazing setting and ambience, the Poet Restaurant delivers palatable food that you will fall in love with immediately. To get content by best-testing fish, visit them today!

Café Aylanto

Café Aylanto is loved by many locals. When it comes to dining, the restaurant leaves no compensation in providing its customers with the best quality food as well as excellent customer service. While it offers a delish Italian cuisine, its seafood including fish options cannot be neglected. Their Classic Fish and Chips are served with three different sauces; tartar sauce, Nam Jim and malt vinegar. Other fish options that are a must-try include Samak Harra Fish, Sole Mediterranean, and Pan Seared Red Snapper. Here, you will get impressed by their magnificent flavours and cooking techniques. Café Aylanto provides a perfect spot for fish lovers based on both taste and ambience. 


Like Islamabad, the Monal at Lahore is present at the top of a building which provides mesmerizing views of the entire Lahore. The A La Carte menu has so much to offer its customers. With cuisines from across the world, the restaurant excels in seafood. Finger Fish with Fries, Battered Fried Fish, and Thai Chili Garlic Fish are some of the most loved by customers. Apart from these, their immense variety of fish items makes it difficult to pick one. Monal is the finest option to consider for a dine-in with friends or family at any part of the day. So enjoy fascinating views while enjoying yummy fish at Monal.


A few weeks left till winter’s end! To enjoy the best finger fish in Lahore, there’s no other place than Al-Khan restaurant. The restaurant provides perfectly soft, tangy and crunchy finger fish with a side of luscious sauces and crispy French fries. Al-Khan excels in great quality, taste and ambience providing a memorable dining experience with your loved ones. 

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