Top 5 social media platforms that are good for branding

Top 5 social media platforms that are good for branding
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Most marketers globally rely on social media platforms to promote their brands and products. The beauty of social media is that it allows businesses to reach a large number of individuals with a lot of ease. This is a trend that will continue in 2022 that is why you need to understand the top platforms that you should use for social media marketing.

Modern businesses operate in a digital era that is why even a limited presence of social media means a lot to your brand. It is a great way for growing and promoting your brand amidst stiff competition.

Failing to sell or promote on social media tends to limit your opportunities. Most people have transitioned to online purchases especially due to the global pandemic. 

The number of social media platforms keeps on increasing each year. This article looks at the ones that will define the marketing game in 2022. You will discover that your business has so much in store in addition to Google Ads.  

Are Social Media Platforms Good for Promoting Businesses in 2022?

The answer to this question is a big YES. Whether you own a well-known brand or a small business, it is crucial to be present on social media for your own subsistence. 

Social media platforms and trends have changed over the years. However, social media platforms remain to be the most effective bond between the business and its customers. All social media platforms are monetized and any of them will help you to enhance brand awareness and reach a wider audience. Here are the top 5 social media platforms that are perfect for branding in 2022.

1.  Facebook: Old is Gold

Facebook remains to be among the most used social media platforms globally. It has more than 6 billion users and this tells you why the platform is still growing strong. Almost everyone knows Facebook and owns an account on the platform. 

Facebook is perfect at both paid promotion and organic reach. It also has features that you can use to interact with customers through published stories and live videos. 

The best way to reach out to people who are in your targeted audience group or have not heard about your brand is through Facebook Ads. With Facebook SEO, you can turn potential conversations into real business deals. 

2.  Instagram: Unknown Social Media King 

Instagram helps businesses to represent the visual element of their products or services in the best way possible. No other platform is good at doing this other than Instagram. The tool is easy-going, modern, and fun. You can look at it as the best virtual shop window for your business.

If you need a solid visual campaign for your business, Instagram is the way to go. You can forget the pictures and use the benefits of Instagram reels and IGTV. 

Even a simple video on Instagram can boost your sales significantly and bring in so many customers. Instagram content mostly comprises short video snippets. However, if you have a verified account, your videos can upload videos that can run for up to 60 minutes. 

This platform has an abundance of vloggers and influencers. These experts are readily available for collaborations and will help you in promoting your products or business. 

Most people use Instagram on their mobile phones. Since most people own Smartphones, Instagram can help you enhance your market space significantly. 

3.  Twitch: Live Streaming Champion 

Twitch remains to be one of the best live streaming platforms in the market. It allows content creators to interact with the general public in real time. Most video game enthusiasts enjoy using this social media platform. 

With Twitch, you can record yourself as you work and allow your target audience to watch and engage with you. Followers will give you their live feedback which makes it a great advertising tool. 

This platform records a daily visit of more than 30 million users. Most of these users fall between 16 to 40 years. Therefore, if your target audience falls within this age group, you can use Twitch to promote your brand. 

The platform allows businesses to connect personally with their target audience. If your brand is based on the B2B principles, it is good to choose this platform. 

Streamers can make a living on this platform through donations, ads, and subscriptions. Therefore, Twitch is perfect for people who provide non-material services and products. 

Examples include fashion bloggers, video game creators, personal trainers or life coaches, musicians, etc. it works more or less like influencer marketing. 

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4.  LinkedIn: Get Quality Over Quantity 

This social media network helps business people to connect with one another. It helps experts, sites, brands, and companies to create professional links. LinkedIn is a great platform for outsourcing human resources, job offers, and collaborations.

Features like a LinkedIn advertisement, LinkedIn Live plus, product pages, and organic content make it a great medium for promoting businesses. Marketing on LinkedIn runs on B2B connections hence a good match if this is the prerogative for your business.

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn pays less attention to the numbers. The platform focuses more on quality. It helps you to connect with individuals who are relevant to your brand. 

5. TikTok: The Trending Social Media Platform

Like Instagram, TikTok focuses on short video content but they play in repetitive loops. TikTok has its own service for advertising that is referred to as TikTok for Business. It is a service that you can use even if you don’t have a marketing team. 

However, it has a starting price of $10 for every 1000 views. It can end up being very expensive because the views pile up so quickly. There are more expensive options like TopView and In-Feed ads, exclusive timed hashtags, etc. 


There are so many social media platforms that are good for business including Snapchat that have not been discussed in this article. The focus was on the top 5 platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Social media has a great potential of taking your brand to the next level regardless of your industry or location. The secret is learning where your target audience spends most of their time and concentrating on those tools.

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